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UnCategorized Well, last year I spent many, many months searching for short domains. Short is good, of course, because it means less typing for the user. And as mobile browsing becomes more prevalent, short names become even more important (you try typing a URL like on your keyboard-less phone and see how long it takes you before you give up in frustration and/or pitch the phone out the nearest window). Many people think that there are no more available. I was of the same thought for a long time. "There are no more short domains left." boo hoo 🙁 But, guess what I was wrong. All it takes is thinking outside the box." Branding is the key. What does ebay mean? Google is spelled wrong. Amazon is a rain forest. Yahoo is an elation expression. Yet, somehow we recognize them as Brand specific. They made up their names & made their business synonymous with the brand. We all say today, "Google it." This is the same as saying "search for it." The basic premise has been around for a very long time. "Xerox this for me" or "give me a Kleenex." You make the Brand. They will follow if you have something to offer of value & use. People need to see something over & over & over & over again to make Brand Recognition. This is my dilema. What do I make the names I have finally, pain stakingly found. I have got the names but what will they ultimately offer. All the good business models are being used. Or are they? Look at They built a small community that grew & grew and then they get bought for 500 million dollars. That’s the thinking of today. Think of a new business model that will bring in the masses. Users and membership is currency in today’s internet market. So, with domains like and and, how can these unique names become Brand recognized. Traffic XTC is simple. But is is an example of a unique name that is wide open for search domains. It’s right at the top of all the search engines for the name. If I can make it brand specific that will make it that much better. But, there’s the challenge. I think no matter what name you come up with, you must figure out how to make it a Brand. When you want go to an online auction what do you type in? "online auction?" No. You go right to "" Well, I’m on that path. I am working on that perfect idea to brand my names. And I have lots of them but, they don’t mean a darn thing if I can’t make them a Brand name. So, when you think of your name, think of the brand. Visualize your brand on a billboard. Say it out loud as a "BRAND NAME!" MAKE YOUR BRAND. About the Author: Conrad Sear has been a web developer for 14 years. He now manages a startup SEO company called Their growing list of clients are all making to the top with his guidance. #1,, #5, Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: