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Nirvana classic album 25 year billboard data Nirvana classic album to commemorate 25 years of Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 26th news, according to foreign media reports, September 24, 1991, Nirvana (Nirvana)’s second studio album "Nevermind" officially released this year, this album has been published for twenty-five years. When Nevermind was released in September 1991, the album was very common on the billboard album charts. In the first week of the list, "Nevermind" ranked only 144th, the first week of sales of only a mere six thousand. For a time not too many famous bands, it started in the billboard charts in is not surprising, then it is only a single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the list just a few weeks a young band. Later, "Nevermind" won two weeks in the billboard album, and became one of the most representative albums in the history of American rock music. Between 1992 and 1996, a total of Nirvana won four billboard albums chart. In the "Nevermind" ushered in the 25 birthday of the occasion, the bulletin board website published a number of specific data of the year, to commemorate the album has been a number of historic achievements. In January 11, 1992 the list, "Nevermind" on the billboard Billboard 200 album chart from the list sixth climbed to the top position, is the "Nevermind" position of the disc is squeezed under the title of Michael – Jackson (Michael Jackson) of "Dangerous". In another billboard album released in February 1st of that year, Nevermind won the title again. Up to now, in the Billboard 200 album list, Nevermind a total of 335 weeks on the list, this figure continues to grow. 1991 Christmas week, "Nevermind" in the United States within a week sales of up to three hundred and seventy-four thousand, created the record since the release of the best results of the single week sales. In the first list (October 12, 1991), "Nevermind" in the Billboard 200 album chart among a total of stay for nearly two years, until the July 10, 1993 exam. But in just three weeks, "Nevermind" again on the list. "Nevermind" total sales in the United States a total of about 9 million 400 thousand, of which 59% (5 million 600 thousand) from CD sales, 36% (3 million 300 thousand) from tape sales, 5% (455 thousand) from the digital download sales. Since Nelson opened in 1991 sales statistics system, "Nevermind" in the total sales of all rock music came in tenth)相关的主题文章: