Ningbo school in order to prevent the received counterfeit money requires students to write the name vidalia

Ningbo school requires students to prevent counterfeit money received on the yuan name recently, Chen Ningbo broke the news that his house at a friend’s house a few days ago, just to see a friend read primary school children with a pencil in writing on the renminbi. He thought is the child in graffiti, but friends said the teacher is asked, the money is going to lunch, write RMB above own name as the mark, that is afraid of receiving counterfeit money. Chen believes that the teacher is not appropriate to do this, because the regulations prohibit the damage of the renminbi, and now pay more than this. Some people think that in the name of the RMB inappropriate recently, the reporter contacted mr.. He said that in order to solve this problem, he and his parents and friends around the debate. Parents and friends believe that the risk of receiving counterfeit money should not let the teacher to bear, so the money is also necessary to write down the name of the. And generally written in pencil, after the event can also be wiped clean, it should not matter. Mr. Chen’s idea of tit for tat. He said: first of all, this always makes some uncomfortable, this is the parents do not trust, do not respect the performance. In addition, since the collection of students is one of the tasks of the teacher, it should be on the corresponding risk. "In fact, the risk is very small, received very little probability of counterfeit money, there should be no which parents deliberately counterfeit money to the teacher. Besides, how to identify counterfeit money related knowledge can be found online, you will be able to grasp." The key is to write the name on the yuan, there is damage to the RMB, the relevant state regulations are expressly prohibited. "Although some are written in pencil, but not necessarily someone rub. A lot of RMB into ‘personal name’, directly in circulation." In fact, there are many alternatives in RMB or write the name handed down the past stupid way, then a single payment, bank outlets also less, can development up to now, there are many choices of payment, a school or a teacher should avoid the risk of receiving counterfeit money, can completely change." Mr. Chen said. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed several people, summed up the following several ways: bank accounts, WeChat or Alipay transfers, instead of cash. If you don’t pay cash, you can put it in an envelope and write your name on the envelope. When the teacher receives cash, you can also record the names on the paper. RMB authority and dignity of the sanctity of the people’s Bank of Ningbo Central Branch China money management department staff Mr. Ma said that the RMB as the only currency in circulation in the market, the authority and dignity is inviolable. Any office in RMB marking and graffiti has undermined the authority and dignity of rmb. The regulations on the administration of Renminbi in People’s Republic of China clearly stipulates that the acts of damaging the Renminbi shall be prohibited. Write in the RMB will cause the RMB defaced, soiled Renminbi is prohibited in circulation. Some deliberate destruction of the renminbi is illegal. "In fact, to identify counterfeit money is very simple, the people’s Bank official website is introduced in detail. In addition, any bank outlets, you can ask the staff to explain"相关的主题文章: