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Ningbo has a small wedding room before marriage the woman suddenly to 680 thousand yuan bride love matchmaker very Ningbo friends @ cloud atmosphere in the East Forum: the wedding is set to 680 thousand, the woman suddenly bride, 680 thousand! Do you want to get married yet? The thing is that the mother-in-law see son-in-law very happy last August, there is a younger counterparts, because the working relationship, often to me for advice, I always love the mouth dessert girl, she will be left a good sister, right a beautiful name, a period of time to get along, the relationship between the two individual like sisters as cordial. Sister from Zhejiang, Taizhou, after graduating from the University of Ningbo in two years of work, the age of 26 has not had a boyfriend. Coincidentally, my neighbor aunt’s son was 27 years old and have no girlfriend. So my sister cloud made a good matchmaker. The next day, a romantic hot show, a touch down, two personal feelings grow with each passing day, at the end of 2015, met with both parents, the marriage is a duly completed the titration. At the beginning of the year, the man’s family began a new house decoration, parents busy outside of a natural Le o. Of course I have some little excitement, how great is that bring a romance to a happy ending, cause! In June of this year, house decoration is nearing completion, both parents sat together to discuss the wedding day, the scene there is no shortage of the matchmaker. So, the two sides held the wedding day in December 18th of this year, according to the Ningbo wedding custom to do everything. As the saying goes: mother-in-law see son-in-law more joy, apparently satisfied with the mother-in-law is the ten thousand son, banquet forthright expressed the intention to give his daughter to buy a car of around 200 thousand as a dowry, the banquet by the man for others such as bedding, supplies are made by the mother-in-law fix. (PS:’s acquisition of a price of about 1 million 200 thousand of commercial housing in Jiangbei Wanda near the decoration, all kinds of electrical appliances spent about 500 thousand, in the first time to the girl’s gift of 16800, 16 years of the Spring Festival mother-in-law and sent 5 gold and a jade bracelet. Of course, not so exaggerated) 680 thousand bride, selling his daughter? It should be perfect to carry on, but never thought, this National Day the man to the woman’s home, quasi father-in-law suddenly said to the 680 thousand bride, said that this is their maritime customs. The last time that I will meet both parents, is also present, her parents did not mention the word bride thing. I once spoke privately with the girl, then what the meaning of what gifts to take in the past, it was going to take a 6-8 million. As the saying goes: do pro poor (marriage), rich life (birthday), the woman’s family is what Ann heart? Well, the problem came out, the woman let the man sing such a play house too much to handle. Things are really in front of us, always to solve. So I have to find a separate girls talk to communicate, see if you can talk with their parents to communicate about, this is 680 thousand of the dowry’s family do not have the economic ability. The boy was in front of the girl, because of the decoration of what,.相关的主题文章: