Nike basketball launched battle grey series to open the new season Prelude-519697

Nike launched Battle Grey series Battle Grey series Prelude opened the new season started the new season with sina sports alliance, Nike basketball players have to wear Nike basketball Battle Grey boots in the field. In order to celebrate Lebron and Kaili, who won the 2015-2016 championship, they wore the Soldier 10 and KYRIE 2 also added special gold decorations to the. In addition, the other players in the Nike basketball family: Anthony, Germany, Raymond, and, and so on, will also be wearing their own Battle Grey fit on the basketball shoes on the journey of the. "Battle Grey" matches the symbol of a new season starting from scratch – a chance to overcome challenges and show ambition. George said: "I’m going to challenge all the people who think I can’t lead the team. My team is going to break the stereotype that we are not champions." Green said: "this season I will face the challenge is not to ignore those who hate me, criticize me and deny me. I am still the past, the basketball player who has been to the present…… It’s time to win another championship!" At the same time, Davies realized that he was facing the test, so that those who think that we do not have the opportunity to enter the playoffs, the critics realize their mistakes. Battle Grey series, including KD9, KYRIE 2 and Soldier 10, was launched on (Saturday) worldwide.相关的主题文章: