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"Hunter" series of authors to draw new frequency suspends be called "Hunter" suspends into Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese cartoonist Yoshihiro Togashi series "Hunter" in 10 years, but because the number of suspended series, known as "the king of xiukan". And his long waist disease ridden, day before I draw new story set off a sensation, after 3 months of rest, and recently "Naruto" cartoonist Kishimoto Saishi dialogue, by the host asked the new work ideas, replied: "I have a lot to draw!" I did not expect this statement triggered discontent. According to "daily CYZO" report, Yoshihiro Togashi began serialization "Hunter" since 1998, compared with the serial "Naruto" launched a year later, the other issued a total of 72 sets, he continued to 33 sets, and enter the suspends state. He said the idea is to work in this interview, netizens criticized the "serial" Hunter "is tired of it, should with" kochikame "Akimoto Ji learning." Even the cartoon editor also said: "how can you say that now, serialized in the works are not completed, the nerve to say that the next work, a little contemptuous of the reader." Now even waist disease was suspected of being ill. Yoshihiro Togashi and Kishimoto Saishi’s magazine talks concern, he mentioned the idea of painting in the new work, said want to draw a card Deathmatch story, users are reminiscent of "game king", some fans still feel hope, but users believe that the "new ideas, at least the first" Hunter ".!" ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: