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New Zealand wake – Sohu 7.5 earthquake earthquake news in November 14th by the local Chinese dream, the earthquake in New Zealand, civil defense Bureau subsequently issued a tsunami warning. The visual map China according to Xinhua news agency, central region of the South Island of New Zealand local time 14 days morning earthquake. According to the latest news, the Royal New Zealand Institute of geological and Nuclear Sciences announced from the earthquake magnitude 6.6 adjusted to 7.5, civil defense department has issued a tsunami warning. Up to now, no reports of casualties. The Royal New Zealand Institute of geological and Nuclear Sciences announced that the earthquake occurred in 14, 0 local time 2 points (13 19 Beijing 2 points), the epicenter is located in the South Island of New Zealand city 20 kilometers southeast of Hanmer Springs, the focal depth of 16 km. The earthquake was felt to be "serious", the earthquake was felt divided into 6 categories, including "serious" as the most intense one. After the earthquake, more than 5 aftershocks occurred in the surrounding area. According to the U.S. Geological Survey earthquake information network news, the South Island of New Zealand central area of magnitude 7.4, the focal depth of 10 km. When the earthquake occurred, the New Zealand National felt in many areas. Is located in the southernmost tip of the North Island of New Zealand’s capital Wellington felt strongly, where reporters office shelves have small items from shaking. Residents living in the center of the city of Wellington, told reporters that the picture shows that the house has a flowerpot and other items were broken. The New Zealand Civil Defense Department has issued a tsunami warning, to remind residents to move to the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island near the high altitude area. Civil Defense Department is working with relevant personnel assessment of earthquake damage. Some media reports, the epicenter of the town near the houses damaged. [attachment] local Chinese dream by the earthquake in a small town up local Chinese living in the South Island of New Zealand Christchurch Mr. sun. He said, when the earthquake more than 1 local, suddenly woke up in a dream, but also thought it was dizziness". Later found the house shaking violently, the home has broken glass products, clothes out of the closet. He immediately went into the car, the current local aftershocks, felt strong. He said that most of the New Zealand wooden structure houses, did not hear the news of mass casualties. (Ceng Jinqiu)相关的主题文章: