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Net exposure 700 years wild the Great Wall mortar official: legitimate Sohu News – the most beautiful wild the Great Wall by mortar Wenbao local department said renovation project of the Provincial Department of culture will examine legal field construction of Suizhong County small estuary the Great Wall wall top surface was smooth for map reader Wei Yongxian Washington (Chinese Morning Post reporter Zhao Wei) yesterday, a "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall by mortar, the 700 year history of the national recognition" of the post on the Internet, causing concern. Reporters learned that the posts mentioned in the the Great Wall is located in the small village of Yongan estuary Bao Xiang Suizhong County, was hailed as the most beautiful tour pal "wild the Great Wall". Mr. Liu, a local photographer for a long time to take pictures of the the Great Wall, he said that the Internet was the the Great Wall was repaired in 2014, he was also worried that this process will continue. For users questioned, the local cultural relics protection departments responsible person responded that the repair after the approval of the State Administration of cultural heritage, design, project approval, supervision and inspection of each step are reasonable and legitimate. Netizen: the Great Wall wall was levelled yesterday, users publish graphic said: "Yongan Bao Xiang Xiao He Kou Cun, Suizhong County of Liaoning Province, the Great Wall is a small estuary by mortar, had broken wall are smooth, full of wild the Great Wall became hardened" road "." The netizen released pictures show, has a top surface of the wall of the Great Wall after renovation, a layer of gray substance covered the original brick and stone did not reveal. For the ancient the Great Wall "old and new", the netizens questioned: "this kind of repair is not repaired, it is also terrible than destruction." Public data shows, small river the Great Wall is a national key cultural relics protection units, fourteen years before the Ming Dynasty Hongwu (1381 AD), is located in the West Village of Yongan Bao Xiang along the steep mountains of Yanshan hung on the top in steep mountains, so there are "third Badaling" said. It is understood that the small village is a natural Village West Village, the the Great Wall was far from deep mountains and forests, little is known, is the original wild the Great Wall, known as the "most beautiful wild the Great Wall". Security department: repair of legitimate users questioned, who is the construction of mortar "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall? Why is the original small estuary of the Great Wall will be re repair? Yesterday, a reporter with the Huludao Municipal Bureau of SMG contact, responsible for the protection of cultural relics of the responsible person surnamed Zhang said that the Suizhong local the Great Wall maintenance engineering application by the provincial and national relevant departments for approval, in accordance with the provisions of the national audit should be involved in the Great Wall renovation project, through bidding for qualified design and construction units of repair. Reporter then contact with the Suizhong County Cultural Relics Bureau Wang Jianhua, head of the Department of cultural relics. Wang Jianhua responded that the the Great Wall is a national treasure, the Department of cultural relics protection in the Great Wall every year to strengthen the maintenance work, the renovation project is approved by the State Bureau of cultural relics of the Great Wall from the design, approval, project supervision and acceptance, each step is reasonable and legitimate. Suizhong County Cultural Relics Bureau official said, users referred to the the Great Wall is the most beautiful wild mortar "is not accurate, the materials used are not the Great Wall repair mortar.相关的主题文章: