Nanjing Liuhe government arrears of more than 400 property owners were detained by the developers de

Nanjing Liuhe government arrears of more than 400 households were detained – developers real estate license Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Nanjing on September 13th news (Jiangsu station reporter Wang Zhe Cao Yong) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reports, Zhang Nanjing city Liuhe District Xiongzhou streets recently reflected, Liuhe district government in 2011 more than and 400 in dangerous when the transformation of residents were taken at the beginning of this year, finally got the resettlement housing. They can handle the real estate related materials required, but the developers are detained, the reason is money the government repurchase resettlement housing is not in place. Six months, they repeatedly find the relevant departments to reflect, the problem is still not resolved, or can not do real estate license. Five neighborhood district is located in the Yangtze River Road, Liuhe District No. 66, the reporter saw at the scene, the construction projects have been completed, downstairs shops are available for leasing. Mr. Zhang told reporters, in January this year, they will get the resettlement housing, but then more than half a year, with the real estate certificates needed for real estate registration application form, the sale of housing contract, hierarchical unit plan and other materials not neat, developers are on the delay to. Zhang said: "in accordance with the provisions of the government should be in May to bring the relevant information to the real estate license to us, they commissioned the company. As a result we came in March, May, they pushed to the year of August. Now let’s ask him, they say there’s no time. We went to the Bureau of land, Land Bureau and the housing construction bureau said that the government owed them money is not in place, they put our things under pressure." Five neighborhood project developers Nanjing Ren Sheng Real Estate Company Sales Department surnamed Xu staff confirmed that the money the government repurchase resettlement housing does not in place. "This is the placement of the housing resettlement to their government, we just build, for the government to levy. But it is not the government, and the related costs to developers settlement clearly, we can not give the owners banfangchanzheng." In the developer’s finance department, the reporter got the same answer, but how much money owed, the other refused to disclose. So the case of the existence of the repurchase of arrears, which departments should coordinate docking? Reporters learned that the renovation project is a project of the Liuhe district government and Nanjing rich industry holding group cooperation projects, but also one of the major projects in Liuhe District, Liuhe District Housing Construction Bureau as the main responsibility. However, the housing authority of the real estate trading center office in the director did not respond positively to the issue of repo, but stressed that they have done the initial registration of the housing, the follow-up to ask the Department of land. The Nanjing Land Bureau Liuhe branch office director Jin Jiagui believes that there is a debt problem, the housing construction bureau as the responsibility of the main responsibility for the project and developers. Jin Jiagui said: if the provision of materials, we do not do, it is the responsibility of the real estate registration department. Currently they do not provide material. Now the land department wants to appeal is that the housing construction sector should be coordinated." Thus, the reporter contacted the Liuhe District Housing authority. Qin Zhiya, deputy director of the Housing Authority, said they have been urging developers to provide information. As for arrears, he said he was not in charge of this, not clear details. "We also know that the initial registration.相关的主题文章: