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Nanfang Daily: from the late Samsung "recall" on consumer rights – the media – original title: from the late Samsung "recall" reflection of consumer rights in the state quality inspection administration law enforcement and supervision department interviews and started defect investigation case, Samsung (China) Investment Limited company finally to filing a recall plan that decision since October 11, 2016, recall of all Note7 digital mobile phone sales in Chinese in mainland China, a total of 190984 units. Although Chinese proverb called "sheep and fill, not too late, but from the continuous fermentation on the network of public opinion, be long in coming" recall "clearly there are consumed with consumers Samsung’s favor, and then trigger a series of questions still need to be given a relevant answer. For Chinese consumers, the question will be how to successfully recall". According to the State Administration of quality inspection report, consumers can contact the original seller for the return, replacement and other related matters, because with the product delivery fees this recall produced by Samsung (Chinese) Investment Limited company to undertake. However, this is only the regulatory practice of reminder, carefully read the October 11th Samsung official website the latest statement, many details on the operation remains to be determined, such as whether to invoice, if the "recall" in similar abroad that the courier company does not receive personal mail consumers how to solve, etc.. All of these operational details will test whether Samsung truly respects Chinese consumers, and whether it fulfills its commitment to the so-called "do the Chinese people love the enterprise, contribute to the Chinese society". This is not demanding, CCTV financial channel broadcast in October 12th "consumer advocate" mentioned in the morning, some businesses are still selling Note7, and the face of a reporter’s inquiry, the Samsung customer statement at that time is "there are no rules, can not be returned, suggest waiting for the official website news. Furthermore, since the Samsung Corp has decided to recall, consumers may have China don’t mind waiting, after all, from the beginning of the September Samsung announced in the global recall of about 2 million 500 thousand Note7, China consumers will be excluded from the "global", and adhere to start the state line version of Note7 for sale. Assuming that Chinese consumers then willing to believe that, Note7 is using different battery supplier, but instead Chinese consumer Note7 overheating, burning loss, Samsung tough excuse, and the user type suspected shirk. Browse the relevant news, such as the difference between the mapping throughout the event in the process of many details. For example, in other parts of the market, the courier company does not accept individual consumers by mail, the Samsung Corp to send a user with a pair of thermal insulation packaging and safety gloves and assembly instructions; in its native South Korea, Samsung has decided to return the consumer value ranging from a few hundred yuan compensation; in the United States for replacement consumers not only refund the difference, give a gift card. This kind of difference, in the final analysis is the indifference of the corresponding consumer rights and interests, and if connivance of this distinction is the harm to the interests of consumers. )相关的主题文章: