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Myolie Wu and her husband outside the theater had the man go off in a huff – Sohu Myolie Wu and entertainment woman dumbfounded husband hand in hand to watch movies, but suddenly kicked up the Sohu entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, Myolie Wu and her husband Li Chengde day before going to the Austrian Haicheng date movie, although there were two people in hand, but the whole black, little communication, in the theater also in big fight, Li Chengde go off in a huff. See husband Myolie Wu is a little go off in a huff, without pity, by black blast stay, recovered, she immediately take the elevator to her husband. Myolie Wu found Li Chengde on the next floor and sent him back to the cinema, and so did Mr Li Chengde. After two people together to buy snacks, buy popcorn and drinks for Li Chengde, Myolie Wu continues to wait, although anger slightly cooling, but two people didn’t talk, Myolie Wu will play a deadpan fly to Li Chengde, he went on to play mobile phone. About 8 pm, Myolie Wu and her husband after watching the movie, two people did not talk, but see Li Chengde face a calm, like a fire, but Myolie Wu still frowned on the face. But two good soon before the race Li Chengde After rain the sky looks blue., into the self timer in the INS time, Xiaoyan lost 400 yuan, this week to face and wife live, Myolie Wu replied. Two people sitting in a big "LOVE" smiling photo, really had a strong feelings, but change.   相关的主题文章: