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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Brief Item Description The Vera Wang Princess is an Eau de Toilette Spray for women. It has a fruity and floral fragrance that is a blend of lady apple, water lily, golden apricot and mandarin meringue, with dark chocolate and vanilla. The fragrance is not overwhelming and also at the same time, it gives off a sweet and youthful feeling. Not just that, this perfume is perfect for women with sensitive skin, as it is specially designed in a way that it is suitable for the sensitive skin of women. It also protects one’s body from odor where, once you spray it after your bath, the fragrance will stay on for 24 hours. And to top it off, this Vera Wang Princess perfume comes in a really lovely and attractive purple heart shaped bottle with a crown as the cap, which makes this particular Eau de Toilette spray one of the sweetest present that you can give to your lovely mom this coming mother’s day. Customer Reviews For those of you who like to find out what others are saying about this perfume, most of the customers’ feedback and reviews about this particular Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette spray has been very positive With most of them commenting that they especially love the scent of freshness of this eau de toilette spray. Also, at the same time, they also like the fact that it is not too heavy. Some of them even feedback that they receive lots of compliments about this romantic floral scent! On the flip side, a very small minority of customers commented that the smell lasted only for a few minutes. Final Verdict The Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette Spray is definitely something you can consider getting for your mother as a Mother’s day gift. In our personal opinion, we feel that, if your mum is one who loves a floral and fruity fragrance, and is still young at heart, this perfume will be one of the best presents for her. And the best part about this particular perfume is that, the fragrance is not overwhelming and is definitely suitable for everyday wear. That being said, your mom will most certainly feel like a princess when wearing this perfume. Its lovely scent will most likely enable your mom to receive lots of pleasant compliments, which will certainly make her really happy. In addition, it comes in a really lovely bottle that will look very nice and sweet on your mom’s dressing table. Make your mom feel really special by getting her the Vera Wang Princess perfume this coming Mother’s Day! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: