Mother Reaches $650,000 Settlement With Physician In Case After Stillbirth Of Their Baby-kaya scodelario

Legal A woman who had been dealing with hypertension for numerous years decides that she and her husband want to have a child. After learning of the pregnancy, she consulted her primary care physician who sent her to an obstetrician. When she meets with the doctor, the doctor determines that she should try to control her hypertension by diet alone given that her medication could be harmful to her child in the early stages of her pregnancy. Yet, the obstetrician could not keep the woman’s blood pressure under control, so her doctors decided to prescriber her one-half of her normal dose. Throughout the pregnancy the woman’s problems came in ebbs and flows. Sometimes things seemed to be fine and then at other times she’d have elevated blood pressure, suffer from headaches, nausea, vomiting and blurred vision. As her pregnancy progressed these issues seemed to happen more frequently and the obstetrician recorded that she began to leak amniotic fluid, which could be seen through the amount of protein that was found in her urine. Moreover the doctor documented that calcifications were on the placenta, which indicated that parts of the placenta were not getting enough oxygen and had died off. Following one of the subsequent ultrasounds the physician should have known that the child’s nutrient levels were substantially exhausted to levels that could cause injury to the child’s central nervous system. However, despite the lack of nutrients in the womb and the potential harm that to her baby, the doctor did not perform any other tests and told her not to be concerned about it as it is not a major problem. He fails to tell the mother that the ultrasound indicated that she had calcifications her placenta, which indicates that the placenta did not receive enough oxygen causing parts of the placenta to die. Following this visit the mother continues to suffer from sever headaches, begins to have some sinus problems in her ears and becomes concerned as she notices her unborn child is not moving as much. At her next appointment tells her obstetrician, who determines he needs to induce labor the following week. despite her concerns about delaying another week, the physician downplays her concerns and schedules an appointment for her for the following week. The following week the woman went into her doctor’s office to have her child. After the ultrasound, the technician, acting strangely, handed her the video and immediately left the room. A nurse for the doctor brought her into a small room, which was not regular exam room. The physician then came in and informed her that her baby does not have a heartbeat. A trip to the hospital confirmed that the baby had died. Her doctor then tells her that she needed to go into labor right then and there to prevent injury to herself. Having already suffered the death of her child she was required to suffer the pain of going through labor to deliver a stillborn baby. After this event the parents filed a malpractice lawsuit against the obstetrician, asking for damages fro the death of their child, including emotional distress. Following the filing of the claim against the physician, the law firm that helped themother and father documented that they achieved a settlement of $650,000 on behalf of the parents. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: