More than 300 overseas talent apply for permanent residence in Shanghai nearly half of corporate exe face gossip

More than 300 overseas talents in Shanghai to apply for permanent residence for nearly half of executives – China news agency new network in October 14 Shanghai Xinhua (Li Shuzhi) Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau exit Entry Administration Bureau said on 14, as of the end of September (the statistical data of Shanghai, the same below) by a science class foreign high-level personnel to apply for permanent residence 304 people from the job applicant; see, nearly half of the enterprise senior management personnel. Since July 2015, Shanghai science and technology innovation center building 12 immigration policy measures implemented, Shanghai will become the "exit environment the most convenient and the most excellent treatment of foreign talent residence, immigration service for science and technology innovation center", has become the official target here. With the development of overseas talent to apply for permanent residence of the market channels, the attractiveness of overseas high-level talents in Shanghai significantly enhanced. According to official statistics, Shanghai Immigration Bureau received foreign high-level talent market that the new branch of permanent residence for 304 people, 184 people have been approved by the Ministry of public security; on the other, to accept foreign high-level personnel of 218 families. Nearly half of the applicant for the legal representative of the enterprise, the president, chairman and chief executive officer, general manager and other senior management personnel, three became the Department Manager level management personnel, for the rest of the doctor, the pilot and other high-end industry practitioners. From the applicant country, 79% from developed countries, and 65% for foreign chinese. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau deputy director general of the entry exit administration building. Peng said the same day, the establishment of personnel to apply for permanent residence market channels, to solve the shortcomings of the government mainly depends on the previously cited only plan or the government recommended way, keep a number of overseas high-level talents in science and Technology Innovation Center needed. (end)相关的主题文章: