Ministry of public security research and development of online identity cards stay in the hotel, sec lformat

Ministry of public security research and development of online identity cards: stay in the hotel, the securities account can brush face ID card to enter the brush face era! In September 22nd 2016, the reporter from the national cyber security awareness week was informed on the rule of law, the Ministry of public security and the real Id only developed a corresponding card online copy ", the online identity, after living the brush card, the hotel needs securities accounts and so on can directly brush face. Brush face authentication "I am" online work more safe and reliable development of online identity of the first Institute of Ministry of public security of the relevant responsible person said, the future, the use of "identity card online copy" technology, for each application layer is on the Internet real name + real people and the true identity authentication, certificate "at the same time, multi factor authentication technology in the protection of citizens’ privacy information, to solve the" I am ", the real name authentication, effectively solve public witness one problem, let the people in the online business becomes more reliable and safe. Online identity identity information does not exist to avoid leakage current exposure, people hold the two generation ID card to store a lot of important information, if accidentally lost, and did not promptly report the loss, is likely to be fraudulent use of identity, to do anything illegal. Identity online copy of the original intention is to solve this problem. According to reports, and identity card is different, online identity does not store user identity information and avoid the network operators to be exposed or leaked naturally or half unconsciously. Each person can be generated on the Internet a unique number of life ID copy online, and in the special reading device, online copy can be read out to verify the identity of the public. With this copy of the identity card online, the future for some real name authentication business can brush face, do not have to carry a physical identity card. Portrait, fingerprint collection in a body of information is not stored in the cloud, according to understand, in May of this year, Fujian City, Xiamen became the first national identity card online application landing city. The city set up a unified identity authentication system, nearly 700 thousand users to achieve a unified real name authentication, "identity card online copy" authentication system, the residents need to apply for a resident identity card online copy ", can be done in the future for the country, both authoritative and convenient. "As long as the ID card and the terminal connected to the automatic acquisition of ID card information for comparison, and then set the 8 digit password, ID card copy can be generated online." According to reports, the identity of the online copy can also increase the portrait of residents, fingerprint information, etc.. Moreover, all of the resident personal information will only be stored in the terminal, will not be stored in the cloud, improve security.相关的主题文章: