Meranti Mid Autumn Festival raging robbery for 800 years in Yongchun Fujian Dongguan bridge is cut –acbel

"Meranti" Mid Autumn Festival "raging robbery" for 800 years in Yongchun Fujian Dongguan bridge was "cut" – Fujian Beijing Yongchun Kanto bridge is the southern region only corridor roof beam bridge. Data figure Beijing, Yongchun in September 15, (Pu Yuanbao Sun Hong) typhoon "Meranti" raging over the Fujian Quanzhou Yongchun County Kanto bridge face has 800 years of history, a raging flood, brutally cut 15 at 10:30 in the morning". It is understood that was built in the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing 15 years (AD 1145) of the East Gate Bridge, located in Yongchun County of Dong Guan Zhen Dong Mei Cun Hu Yang Xi, is the provincial cultural relics protection units, commonly known as "Xian qiao". Before the spring of Yongde highway, the East Gate Bridge, Dehua, Yongchun field was the main traffic route to Quanzhou. Reporters rushed to the scene to see, the only Gallery roof beam bridge the bridge in the middle of the southern region, some 20 meters have been destroyed by floods, the bridge was washed away part of wood. There are a lot of people who came to the scene to take pictures, and sigh, unfortunately". The typhoon "Meranti" influence, 14 days around 22 to 15 on the morning of 11, most areas of Yongchun heavy rains, short-time rainfall is very large, the lake, Shan, Yang Zhen Dong Guan Zhen Dong Guan town is particularly serious, more than 100 mm of rainfall. The reporter learned from the local government, 14 days after receiving the warning, the local Yongchun immediately sent more than one excavator to Lake Creek surface to clean all the debris. 15, Ocean Lake streams soared, fast flowing, the East Gate Bridge in danger of being destroyed by the town, Dongguan that situation, immediately organized township cadres, village cadres and other organizations to conduct on-site rescue. At the same time, Yongchun County flood control headquarters immediately dispatched 20 police cadres to carry excavators, forklifts in a timely manner to the scene. People witnessed the scene told reporters, "because the lake and mountain Yang Xi together in Dongguan section, instantaneous water flow is too large, the East Gate Bridge is doomed." After the incident, the new Bureau of Yongchun County, Yongchun County style Museum and other units rushed to the scene, fortunately, after investigation, all in the East Gate Bridge pier. Yongchun relevant responsible person said, will organize experts to evaluate and guide the on-site rescue protection work, please professional design team to be destroyed more than 20 meters of deck for the overall design, and invited experts to guide and demonstration, to repair the design scheme of Dongguan bridge is reported to the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau as soon as possible, to stay after the approval of the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau repair construction. (end)相关的主题文章: