Meranti by Zhejiang Yongjia multiple departments to deal with the danger in Beijing-vidown

"Meranti" by Zhejiang Yongjia multiple departments to deal with the danger – Beijing Yongjia County S333 highway bridge in the town village landslides puddles downtown Wenzhou Shao Jianxin photo Beijing September 16 Xinhua (reporter Li Tingting correspondent Shao Jianxin Wang Xueqiong) the fourteenth typhoon this year, "Mo Lan." in September 15th 05 landing at 3 Xiamen District of Xiangan, although no direct hit Zhejiang, but as far as the typhoon on the north side of Zhejiang Wenzhou is still very hurt". Influenced by the "Meranti" cloud, Zhejiang Yongjia much danger, how to deal with the local department. September 16th at 3 pm, Tan Zhen Yongjia County rock duty officer received an emergency call, said village community has Xikou houses collapsed, 8 people lost contact. Yan Tan Zhen government police and other related departments immediately set up an emergency 21 emergency rescue team, led by Mayor rushed to the rescue scene. The car to the South Bank of the village, impassable due to road collapse, a rocky mountain fall, trees lying, the rescue team braved the rain, walk 1.5 hours to arrive under the village, to carry out the rescue immediately after the disaster, the local villagers and to appease the mood. After hard work, to about 5:30 in the morning, lost contact with all personnel to find, and transferred to the security zone, no casualties. Yan Tan Zhen and breathtaking scene of the same 15 days, Xiao Gang Cun Yan tou Zhen Yongjia County, 420 villagers had gripped the afternoon. Yongjia County Rock Town Creek Village Party Secretary Jin Chongxing recalled yesterday is still a lingering fear. The same day, the 41 provincial highway engineering are needed to make the village dam gap, affected by the typhoon ferocious rain, river rose rapidly, the village of 420 people flooded facing danger. Jin Chongxing immediately arrange for the orderly transfer of the village committee and village clerk work supporting a total of 21 people. It is good to remember is the transfer of personnel, but also to appease the villagers have panicked heart, and gold in the village Zhou Linyong ran back, did not wipe the rain. "The old man and the child is the focus object, especially Empty Nester, must personally. Young people we mobilize spontaneous transfer." Jin Chongxing said, "it’s flooded! People can not be occupied!" Until 10 o’clock that night, the villagers to complete the transfer of security. Typhoon wind and rain, Yongjia Qiaotou town due to heavy rainfall also occurred landslides secondary disasters. In September 15th, about 10:50 in the morning, Yongjia County S333 highway bridge in the town village puddles downtown landslides, landslides near an apartment building in the 3 4 storey building collapsed, highway traffic disruption. After the disaster, the local government and relevant departments to start emergency plans to carry out emergency rescue. According to view the scene of video surveillance and visits to the masses, initially concluded that the accident did not cause casualties and vehicle damage. Staff at the scene to do a good job triage alerts, and isolation of the disaster area, the evacuation of the surrounding masses orderly evacuation. The highways department dispatching equipment, rapid implementation of wrecker removal in field, for the restoration of highway traffic as soon as possible. In addition, the Yongjia land and Resources Bureau and the Zhejiang eleventh Geological Brigade technicians to carry out on-site testing, to carry out further scientific disposal. The geological expert survey, 333 provincial highway bridge)相关的主题文章: