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"Meranti" after Xiamen: people can help themselves and others gradually return Beijing beautiful – Beijing September 17 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Chen Yue Yang Fushan) Xiamen hit "Meranti" although gone, brought to the Xiamen facility was sometimes difficult to heal wounds. Reporters on the 17 street in Xiamen, Fujian and Xiamen are being set up to help people around the country to solve various difficulties in life. Many people in Xiamen also help people become self, after the typhoon devastated Xiamen, beautiful scenery. Comprehensive recovery of water and electricity, is undoubtedly the most concerned about the people of Xiamen. To the evening of 16, Xiamen water power residents more than 200 thousand households. Fujian province power supply department said, has been drawn from the province "seventy percent forces" to Xiamen into the repair. Siming District exhibition area to 17 on the morning of the still water and electricity. When a car from the northwest of Fujian Shaowu thousands of miles to Xiamen electric power emergency vehicles into the area, many residents have applauded and spontaneously gathered to help. However, the maintenance staff found that the power of the emergency engineering vehicle is too high, can not enter the underground garage, 10 a few residential owners immediately to the human relay, the cable will be more than 100 meters from the ground floor to the ground floor of the distribution room. Under the assistance of emergency engineering vehicles, residential elevators and public lighting to restore the operation, but also to allow the owners to bid farewell to more than and 40 hours since the house can only be up and down the top 100 meters tall. However, the district residents are also looking forward to living electricity and water can be restored as soon as possible. Thousands of miles to not only have the power of staff, and police officers from all over Fujian. The reporter saw in Qianpu South District, Fuzhou, the armed police detachment of the medical personnel are district residents songyisongyao, check at. Fuzhou detachment of soldiers told reporters that the detachment of the hundreds of people rush to the rescue of Xiamen, in addition to rescue wrecker. Hydropower and typhoons caused by damage to many schools in Xiamen difficult to resume classes at the end of the 18 day of school. 17 evening, the latest news shows that Xiamen’s primary school and kindergarten will be 18, 19, closed for two days, the hardest hit Tongan District Hydropower all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will be delayed 3 days classes, Jimei district has many schools start off. The reporter saw in the thriving community of Xiamen Haicang District within a kindergarten, and chairman of the Federation of overseas Chinese youth in Haicang Haicang led by Yang Jianliang, are actively helping clean up the fallen trees kindergarten, hoping to help the kindergarten quickly resume. Yang Jianliang, see the typhoon hit the Xiamen, Haicang overseas Chinese Youth Party members and its association with WeChat immediately in the form of volunteer service teams, to assist the wrecker, "people to sign up very warm, the long list of what put the screen filled". In addition to overseas Chinese youth volunteer alliance volunteers on both sides of the Haicang Haicang active in the streets wearing red vests. Volunteer alliance member Chen Luxiong skilled in operating the saw sawed trunk, one can not see that he is just learn a chainsaw. He told reporters that now most of the lack of professional and technical personnel, so he was looking for a professional master to learn the operation of technology, hoping to speed up the clean-up process. In the afternoon, the reporter saw in the streets of Xiamen, although also相关的主题文章: