Men eat this fruit to

Men eat this fruit to tonic don’t think fruit just as snacks to eat fruit, actually the role of a great, if you use it well, completely can be used as the drug can also eat, comparable to the effect of drugs or drug than. For example, 1 apples, 2 oranges and protecting the heart to lose weight, protecting stomach cancer for men, more magical, 3 watermelon is equivalent to 1 grains of "Viagra", today I will introduce to you as a secret drug to eat fruit. 1 apple heart weight loss men are more than 3 times as likely to develop coronary heart disease. Holland scientists found that eating 1 apples a day can reduce the prevalence of coronary heart disease by up to 50%. If one day a week as apple day, this day only eat 400 grams of apples, generally after the 5 apple day away from coronary heart disease. Apple also has the effect of weight loss, in the "apple day" this talent 6 times after eating 1500 grams of fresh apples, continued to be able to see the results of the first 10 apples. The 2 man’s stomach cancer protecting stomach orange than women’s stomach use rate is much higher, the probability of gastric cancer is high. Australian medical experts found that eating two citrus fruits a day, you can reduce the risk of gastric cancer by up to 50%. The 3 is equivalent to a large number of watermelon citrulline 1 grains of "Viagra" watermelon with pharmacological action and "Viagra" similar. Eat watermelon to be beneficial to the male, but the male friend that does not have intestines and stomach is controlled, because watermelon is cold sex food, eat more can cause certain effect to the stomach. The probability of 10 grapes blocking a man suffering from heart disease and stroke stroke than women. As long as the day to eat 10 grapes, it is best not to peel, you can easily solve the problem. 20 cherries against arthritis often run outdoors in men who are prone to arthritis. Often eat cherries or drinking cherry juice, you can prevent arthritis. Every day to eat 20 sour cherry, can basically control the pain caused by arthritis. 50 grams of pumpkin seeds to protect the prostate gland is a serious disaster in middle-aged men. Every day to eat 1 pumpkin seeds (about 50 grams) can be guaranteed not to be disturbed by it. Eat spinach to protect the vision to eat 2~4 times a week spinach can achieve the purpose of protecting eyesight. Eat wolfberry kidney invigorating kidney has been a man’s compulsory course. Kidney is the backbone of man. In the past, in order to shape the shape of the popular, that eat offal and seafood can achieve the effect of kidney. But the offal and seafood food will often lead to high cholesterol and high blood pressure and other problems. For middle-aged male friends, can not care about cholesterol. It is rich in vitamin E, and cholesterol free foods are good kidney products, while Chinese wolfberry is undoubtedly the first choice. In addition, black sesame, walnut are worthy of recommendation of the kidney jiapin.相关的主题文章: