Meat flow actor Wu Yifan’s dream is to be an artist

Meat flow actor Wu Yifan’s dream is to be an artist of the Sina entertainment column boiled fat Luo Jun welcome to China movie actor flow times! The earth has not stopped meat they won the best actor. After Huang Xiaoming won the Changchun winner, after Li Yifeng and baby won the award for men and women with a fresh meat in October 26th, Tokyo won the best actor. At this point, China film in the history of the most beautiful side Yan actor has been released, his name is Wu Yifan. This news, many domestic media reported "Wu Yifan at the Tokyo Film Festival, winning the first winner". China Chinese characters is so mysterious, it is easy to understand, Wu Yifan has won international, with Cannes, Venice, Berlin and a famous International Film Festival of Tokyo Film Festival winner. But wait, Wu Yifan winner is the full name of this — the 29 Tokyo International Film Festival Chinese film week "golden crane Award for best actor. So, it is "at the Tokyo Film Festival, winning the first winner". Anyway, the actor always carry, but also is the "Chinatown" Sherlock Baoqiang Wang and Rick William Feng won the "Wolf Totem" emperor, very strong feeling of winning the prize. But wait, Wu Yifan won the best actor of the film is not "old gun", but this one — "summer has trees and hope to heaven". With such a burst of film acting award, I wear! China movie actor recently list, really let people eat melons burst, people have said, the world I have cannot read the. A country’s film industry, so that the people are out of focus cannot read the winner, there are two possibilities, one is the actor who art realm is too high, people don’t eat melon, another possibility, it is self-evident. My 17 years of drama, took hundreds of film by "panorama" won the best actor Andy Lau, and with years of efforts to seal the small plum Rong Oscar winner must have wondered why a small domestic meat, with a winner so easily? What is not Tokyo Film Festival winner? Anyway, we have many Japanese sister home Fanfan even conquered the golden crane with the Tokyo Film Festival prize in the end what is the relationship? Film Festival, another name sounds more cool, called the "Sino Japanese Film Awards ceremony". This is fate! But in fact, the official website was clearly written: in both film festival screenings in the other country movie film festival day. In simple terms, the Tokyo Film Festival with our Shanghai (International Film Festival) cooperation, the film festival held Japanese film week in Shanghai, during the Tokyo Film Festival was held in Tokyo Chinese film week. Chinese film week at the Tokyo Film Festival has been held 10 times, this year is the eleventh year, just Chinese movie screenings. Golden crane award. The prize in addition to Wu Yifan, also won the best actress Jiang Qinqin "a spoon", "Guan Hu Award for best director, best old gun" award of "Wolf Totem", the style is relatively normal, only this one, uh — but actor Wu Yifan from the drama queen Takako Tokiwa took the trophy, or expression very calm. He said: "I hope Chinese movies can make friends from all over the world相关的主题文章: