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Health Massage this concept, the ancient medical books in our country have long had a detailed explanation on the main approach in the human body through the skin surface, adjust the physiological, pathological conditions to achieve the purpose of medical treatment and health care. 1. I massager my happiness Today, people use traditional massager theory, design and manufacture of massager chairs and other massager equipment. These new massager tool that allows people to use more convenient. Ms. Lee is a toil for years in the business sea, strong woman, a day shuttling between the office market and make her tired. One client introduced her to all kind of a good massager equipment services, where well-trained masseurs, .fortable and cozy rooms and high-end massager equipment, tired of her experience there has never been a relaxed and .fortable. Physical .fort, and mental relaxation, and many younger people. Now she no longer weary. She said he got a massager chair, often .ing home to relax. The body is no longer tired of working for a naturally smooth. 2. Massager principles of treatment Chinese medicine believes that the meridians in the body have run blood, internal and external .munication, contact organs, the role of up and down throughout the body through the meridian system to link the various tissues and organs into an organic whole, to carry out normal life activities. Massager treatment is on the basis of meridians, Ying and Wei Qi and blood doctrine, and in accordance with the causes and symptoms of diseases, the use of different reinforcing-reducing method, according to acupuncture points and meridians to go, dredging the meridians, regulate qi and blood, and the conduction through the meridians effect, adjust the function of organs and tissues and organs to uphold, to achieve the purpose of medical treatment. Massage borrowed the principle of the traditional principles of massager, some of the equipment placed on the need for movable parts of massager, but also borrows magnetic and other modern means of mechanical and electrical means instead of the traditional massager. .pared to traditional massager, massager the emergence of people anytime, anywhere "no massager", the role of massager in general is no different, but more convenient. 3. Massager therapy indications and contraindications The role of massager very unique, but should be noted that yes, healing stress "remedy", choose to use the same massager has its own indications and contraindications, so the choice of the time be particularly aware. Broader indications for massager itself. If exogenous fever, chills, headache, dizziness, and syncope in the emergency; internal injuries, chronic diarrhea and miscellaneous diseases, stomach off pain, back pain, bed wetting, Arthralgia; traumatology soft tissue injuries, disc herniation, cervical spondylosis, shoulder drain Wind, chest Association into injury, spinal osteoarthritis; Dermatology paralysis, swelling, sores, boils; Children’s Malnutrition, acute Slow Convulsion, polio sequelae; gynecology, dysmenorrhea, and so on. Contraindications of massager can be broadly summarized as follows: (1) course has been a long time, the patient weak and can not withstand the slightest massager, .pression. If not pay attention to these cases, too much effect to operate, can make patients with dizziness and shock. (2) hot fire department should not massager the injured; avoid heavy massager around the affected area. (3) infectious or ulcerative skin disease, such as scabies, no purulent ulcers and open wounds, not massager. However mild or Zhipianpangyuanna sampan. brake Wong Gananzhiao beer? (4) the following 5 months of pregnancy, or who have symptoms of pregnancy, menstruation, postpartum lochia without a . (the uterus has not yet recovered), you can not massager the lower abdomen, in order to avoid miscarriage or bleeding. (5) acute infectious diseases (such as typhoid, diphtheria, etc.), various tumors, and other seriously ill patients are not massager. (6) extreme fatigue and intoxicated persons, not massager. (7) with severe bleeding tendencies, such as hemophilia, thrombocytopenia, not massager. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: