Mass graves shenru! The poor performance of Hamburg coach no adverse signings-mia farrow

Mass graves shenru! The poor performance of Hamburg coach is on Sunday against signing the North Derby, although the whole team Hamburg than in the past has changed, but Labbadia still had lost the first show. After the game, Brazil defender Kleiber will be injured for 3 weeks. But judging from the performance of Kleiber, it’s not bad news for Hamburg’s defence. In the previous season, Djourou joined Arsenal, who is now bought out, and Hamburg, which has introduced 11 players this season. The problem is that it’s too common for people like Kleiber to be in low status. Byers do Phil, chairman of the board, recently raised a very gloomy question: "why did the players we introduce have been in a bad position after joining?"" This is a real problem for the hamburger team, the media and the experts. Hamburg lineup is quite luxurious on the card surface, but almost every star who enters this "star hole" will lose the standard here. Holtby was excited by the fans after losing to Wolfsburg, because the former German international didn’t understand why he couldn’t find the feeling before. Behrami was considered a new midfielder in Hamburg last summer. He made a foul on Bremen last Sunday and was sent off by a red card. So far this season, the Swiss midfielder has also clashed with cable and Djourou. It’s hard for Behrami, who has been in the midfield for a long time, to know that Hamburg has used 4 coaches this season, which makes it difficult for any player to adapt, not to mention new aid. Green on loan from Bayern and is an example, in the United States after slomka, Nova is very difficult to get the opportunity to play. He constantly change means that the player in the position of the heart and the coach duties are constantly changing in Hamburg poor seasons performance recently, and the club has a long history of contrast. Fans are increasingly disappointed, and Hamburg, as a central city in the German media, has a higher exposure rate than many teams. These factors will affect the atmosphere in Hamburg locker room, but also increase the psychological burden of the players. The sports pictures magazine commented that the example of Hamburg once again explained that money could not buy a goal. The Hamburg team’s basic salary and bonus reached 55 million euros a year, and only 14 players earn more than 2 million a year. In contrast, currently ranked fourth in the League of the Borussia team, the highest income of Kruse is only 2 million 500 thousand, which ranked ninth in Hamburg only. Of course, as in Hamburg last season also finished 3 Huanshuai, black hole phenomenon is not just their existence this season. The same is true of the stars. How about buying civilian players? Perhaps you remember a father called Hamburg striker, fans can not understand, this is not a goal in the Basel season, why are eligible to play the Bundesliga, so poor team performance will anger to him. The summer of 2013 to 2 million 500 thousand signed qia’er Han Oulu, should be a successful hamburger recent signings, but he in 2 years, and the team said goodbye. Hamburg can raise money to complete a Bibi failure deal, but there is no way to stop the real good ball.

万人坑慎入! 汉堡表现不佳引援不利教练不定 上周日北方德比,尽管汉堡队型整体性较以往有所改观,但拉巴迪亚依然输掉了二进宫首秀。赛后传来消息,巴西后卫克莱伯将因伤休息3周。不过以克莱伯加盟后的表现来看,这对汉堡的防线其实也算不上什么坏消息。 算上之前以租借身份加盟、如今被买断的朱鲁和拉索加,汉堡本赛季共引进11名球员。问题在于,像克莱伯这样状态低迷者太过普遍。董事会主席拜尔斯多费尔最近就极其郁闷地提出这样的疑问:“为什么我们引进的球员,在加盟之后状态大不如前?” 这的确是令汉堡队内人士以及媒体和专家费解的问题。汉堡阵容在牌面上相当豪华,然而几乎每一位进入这个“球星黑洞”的名将都会在这里大失水准。霍尔特比在输给沃尔夫斯堡后,受到球迷的斥责也很激动,因为这位昔日德国国脚也不明白,为什么自己已找不到以前的感觉。贝赫拉米在去年夏天被看成是汉堡新的中场领袖,他在上周日的一次冒失犯规给了不来梅点球,自己还被红牌罚下。本赛季至今,瑞士中场还与拉索加以及朱鲁都发生过冲突。 像贝赫拉米这样一直占据中场主力已属不易,要知道汉堡本赛季已使用了4名教练,这让任何球员都很难适应,更不要说新援。从拜仁租借而来的格林就是一个例子,在斯洛姆卡下课后,这位美国新星就很难再得到出场机会。 帅位不断更迭,意味着球员在教练心中的位置和被赋予的职责都在不断变化,汉堡最近几个赛季成绩不佳,和俱乐部悠久的历史形成反差。球迷的失望情绪愈加强烈,再加上汉堡作为德国媒体的一座中心城市,曝光率要比很多球队更高。这些因素都会对汉堡更衣室内的氛围造成影响,也加大了球员的心理负担。 《体育图片》杂志评论说,汉堡的例子再次说明金钱买不来进球。汉堡全队一年的基本工资和奖金达到5500万欧元,光是年薪超过200万的球员就多达14人。相比之下,目前排名联赛第四的门兴队中,收入最高的克鲁泽只有250万,这在汉堡只能排名第9。 当然,就像汉堡上赛季也完成了3次换帅,他们的球星黑洞现象也不只是本赛季存在。球星尚且如此,买来平民球员又能如何?或许你还记得一名叫做祖阿的前锋,汉堡球迷无法理解,这个在巴塞尔一个赛季都不进球的球员,为何有资格来踢德甲,于是球队成绩不佳时都将怒火撒向他。 2013年夏天以250万签下的恰尔汉奥卢,应该是汉堡最近一位成功引援,只可惜他在2年后还是和球队说了再见。汉堡可以筹钱完成一笔笔失败交易,却没有办法阻止真正优秀球员的离开。相关的主题文章: