Mask if China does not plan to shoot down the 4500

Mask: if China does not plan to shoot down the 4500 satellite will remember the United States, "" (Space X) founder Alan · the latest grand plan? Yes, it is necessary to use 4500 satellites to cover the world’s high-speed internet. But in the United States today "business insider" website published the article, musk poured head cold water for myself, but also involves the US, China said this plan is the biggest obstacle, even if they said to us unhappy, they can put our satellite shot down". Observer network previously reported this outrageous scheme proposed by musk is not feasible, this scheme will almost certainly fail, so…… Blame China? World class "braggart" Alan · musk reported that in November 15th, the "space exploration company" to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission proposed to launch 4425 satellites. This figure is far more than the earth orbit all satellites, including those that have been turned into space junk (2600). The company president Alan · talked about the company in Seattle; musk satellite factory in the plan that Chinese may be the biggest obstacle to the plan. He doesn’t think China will like the plan. He said: "obviously, any country can say it (satellite network) is illegal, from our standpoint, we can still broadcast," Musk at the event said, "I mean, I hope we can turn the world talks and reached an agreement that they allow us to to provide services, and this requires each country to negotiate." So, if the "space exploration", ignoring the Chinese opposition, how will persist in wilfully and arbitrarily say? "If they are angry with us, they can put our satellite down, this is not good," Musk said, "Chinese can do it. So maybe we shouldn’t serve them." Observer network had reported to the 4500 satellite coverage by unrealistic global Internet program, this program has injected a large number of Google (previously reported $1 billion), Google is keen to establish a similar satellite network, largely the intention to enter the Google through this method can not enter the market. Schematic diagram of NASA release of the space junk, if Mr satellite on the day…… Observer network military commentator believes that Alan · the scheme is obviously not by reality. According to his plan, the 800-1600 backbone communication satellites in low orbit, to launch 2800 small satellites to a lower orbit, it would be a disaster for the world aerospace industry, the low orbit will float around with "made in America" space junk, the low orbit satellite produced far more than Chinese risk the 2011 anti satellite test shot down "and number 1 C satellite debris. From this point of view, all the world’s governments, will be the musk of this scheme if the enemy, he this plan, the entire earth orbit became space minefield, any other use too?相关的主题文章: