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The market will maintain the structural market Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor during the Spring Festival, although the global market risk incidents, but the trend of strong offshore renminbi, to alleviate the appropriate domestic capital outflows expected to support effect on the market. In the first week of the monkey year, A shares staged a good start, and the three major indexes closed up all the way. The weekend Commission this week change, how to interpret the popular market. Focus on adjusting the structure of industry benefited from the new normal mixed central master fund aspiring fund manager Liu Mingyue said that in 2016 the overall stock market will show the "monkey city" style. If we can grasp the rebound opportunities, it will become the key factor to obtain excess returns. Liu Mingyue said that the recent appreciation of the U.S. dollar reached 2%. The strengthening of the RMB will ease the expectation of domestic capital outflow and support the market. Although A shares may remain vulnerable in the short run, investors need not worry too much and wait for more favorable opportunities to attack. There are institutional investors pointed out that in the near future can pay attention to the two sessions related plate opportunities, especially emerging industries investment opportunities. In addition, gold and other resource stocks are also worthy of attention. Liu Mingyue believes that in 2016 the probability will maintain the structural market. From the industry allocation, optimistic about the new consumption, new technology and other aspects of the opportunity, focusing on the structure of the related industries benefit, pay attention to all kinds of reform related strategies brought about by the industry development opportunities. Nuggets China’s economic transition investment opportunities, China economic transformation fund stock fund aspiring Peng Haiwei said, in the short term, since 2016 bad factors have gradually cleared up, after the market over reaction, mainly emotional catharsis. He advised investors to look at the long term, not because of short-term market volatility over pessimism, the opportunity comes from the market repair after the crash. In the medium and long term, the trend of healthy and stable development of the capital market has not changed, and the stock market is expected to return to the medium and long term upstream. Peng Haiwei said that the future investment opportunities for China’s economic restructuring of the Nuggets, the key investment in line with the national economic restructuring and industrial restructuring and upgrading and regional structural adjustment and optimization policy, and benefit from the growth of the industry and companies. The investment target of this field is rich, and there are many opportunities for Bull Stock in the future, mainly including high-end manufacturing, information technology, cultural media, medical services, national defense industry and so on. JINGWAH Times reporter Ao Xiaobo Sina statement: this news is reproduced from Sina cooperation media, Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

市场将维持结构性行情 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   尽管春节期间全球市场风险事件频发,但离岸人民币走势坚挺,适当缓解了国内资本外流预期,对市场起到支撑效果。猴年首周A股上演开门红,三大股指全线收阳。周末证监会换帅,本周行情如何演绎颇受关注。   重点关注调结构受益行业   中欧明睿新常态为混合型基金拟任基金经理刘明月表示,2016年股市整体将展现“猴市”风格。是否能把握反弹机会,将成为取得超额收益的关键因素。   刘明月表示,近期兑美元累计升值达2%。人民币走强适当缓解了国内资本外流预期,对市场起到支撑效果。尽管A股短期可能仍将维持弱势,但投资者无须过度担忧,可以等待更有利的进攻时机。   有机构投资者指出,近期可以关注两会相关的板块机会,尤其是新兴产业投资机会。此外,黄金等资源股也值得关注。刘明月认为,2016年大概率将维持结构性行情。从行业配置方面,看好新消费、新科技等方面的机会,重点关注调结构受益的相关行业,关注各类改革相关策略带来的行业发展机会。   掘金中国经济转型投资机会   华夏经济转型股票基金拟任基金经理彭海伟表示,短期来看,2016年以来的利空因素已经逐步出清,此前市场过度反应,主要还是情绪的集中宣泄。   他建议投资者要放眼长远,不因短期的市场波动过度悲观,机会来自于大跌之后的市场修复。中长期来看,在利率持续下行、股票资产配置吸引力增强的背景下,资本市场健康稳定发展的方向没有改变,股票市场仍有望重回中长期上行通道。   彭海伟表示,未来将掘金中国经济转型投资机会,重点投资符合国家经济结构转型和产业结构转型升级和区域结构调整优化政策,并从中受益成长的行业和公司。这一领域投资标的丰富,未来出现大牛股的机会很多,主要包括高端制造业、信息科技、文化传媒、医疗服务、国防军工等。   京华时报记者 敖晓波 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: