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"Romance" first edition Chinese marine production team yuanduzhongyang – Sohu "marine entertainment romance" opened November 25th Sohu entertainment news produced by Disney animation studio Disney pictures produced, "crazy animal city" "super corps" "frozen" original cast members to create animated adventure comedy "marine romance" (Moana) will synchronization of the North American release in November 25th. Today, the film released a Chinese version of the making of the island, indulge dance tribe, bright dream of the world, in the happy growth of Moana Island, as well as the most authentic cultural customs are presented one by one, let the audience to follow the production team lens in advance open the South Pacific "warm-up" tour. A Maui dubbed Hollywood star dawn Johnson says "this movie will be the beauty of the island in the Pacific Ocean on the big screen is gorgeous, extraordinary significance." Moana and the Maui magic magic witness hook go abroad through Oceania or a "mysterious sailing adventure travel explosion of" marine romance "is Disney’s fifty-sixth animated feature film, for the first time ebullience and full of mystery of the South Pacific islands in front of the audience, brought exotic passion experience. In order to show the real has a long history of culture, director Ron – Clements and John – musk said: "we understand the importance of fieldwork, so I came to the Pacific Islands, in-depth exchanges with local experts". Behind the scenes, the production team yuanduzhongyang to Tahiti, Maria Island, Samoa and Fiji, and local residents enthusiastic dance, sailing adventure, explore the ancient Polynesian sailing culture, each experience all indicating that the saga animation will bring the audience feel personally on the scene, on a crazy adventure romance. Some netizens said, "see the trailer" Romance "on the ocean quest Pacific impulse, 2017 travel to Oceania explosion". In the inspection process, the filmmakers were attracted by the mystery of the sea and maritime culture, the film "tooey chief actor temuera Morrison said:" people are the Polynesian sea child, for thousands of years, they sailed on such a large scale". As a "marine Choice Girl" Moana, as the voice of Olivia – according to Kalawahuosuo revealed, "a Polynesian culture". According to director Ron Claremont hereby said frankly: "infinite charm, ocean of infinite power, which is why we will think of the ocean has become in a role." In the film, the vast sea, calm waves and swells, the magnificent world of the sea, and the small wave and accompanied by Mo Ahna, are endowed with distinct personality and emotion, quite vivid. Although is the personification of virtual ocean, but the realistic sense of the visual effect and the quality of ultra high rate of appearance, will let the audience feel the fantasy adventure fun. Tara’s grandmother told the girl Moana the secret hidden behind the team’s top to create a visual feast of "stone" Johnson DEDECATES vocals in addition to visual effects and magnificent picture of thrilling, "marine romance" style of music has become a Oceania!相关的主题文章: