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UnCategorized Manila is the capital of the Philippines, but this is not the only thing that makes Manila unique among the cities of the world. The place is famous worldwide for the fashion scene as well as its cuisine and its own unique music. There are plenty of ways to spend a wonderful vacation in Manila, and even if you are on a budget you will discover that there are plenty of rentals or other ac.modation readily available for travelers that cannot allow themselves to splurge. The energetic lifestyle of people living in Manila will lend you some energy for sure. However, if you are looking for a relaxing experience you may want to pay a little visit to some of the numerous shopping malls that are scattered throughout the city. If you choose a rental for a place when you stay in Manila you will be able to cook your own meals, which means that you will want to go shopping for some groceries in the nearby stores. Manila offers plenty of amenities for the modern traveler, such as theaters, cinemas, golf clubs, and many wonderful restaurants (in case you do not want to cook while you are on vacation). A great pastime and a re.mended activity is a spa treatment, as the treatments offered in Manila’s spas are famous. There are plenty of great places to stay in Manila and you will be surprised to see how well furnished and appointed these ac.modations are. Plus, you always have the opportunity to leave your rented apartment and check out the neighborhood that is rich in nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. If you are looking to rent a place instead of checking into a hotel, you may like to check out the places offered by Laguna Ortigas or Los Banos as these are the most popular in the area. Among the sites to visit in Manila you will find the wide array of interesting museums. If you are traveling with your kids, you may discover that there are quite a few that deserve to be visited. The National Museum is just one of them, but there are plenty of others like Ayala, the Cultural Center, the San Agustin Museum, or the museum located on the grounds of the University of Santo Tomas. The National Museum in Manila was founded at the dawn of the 20th century and it was called the Insular Museum of Natural History. Here you will find a wide array of exhibits, mainly modern art from the 19th century artists. If you choose to visit the San Agustin Museum you will have the chance to view some interesting paintings tributary to the colonial art representing religious themes. Here you will also find an old monastery that many tourists .e to visit. The museum on the grounds of the university is a place where many flora and fauna specimens are exhibited for everybody to see. Don’t to check out these cultural places before you leave Manila. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: