Man posing as police patrol in the streets flustered be found detained

Man posing as police patrol in the streets flustered be found detained Washington (reporter correspondent Liang Shuang Duan Yong) a man posing as police in the street through the streets, the police will see when they encounter really captured. November 25th morning, Huangpi traffic police to carry out traffic patrol squadrons directly under the control of Sichuan in the area along the long avenue, arrested a fake police, the police immediately to control, to the local police station filing process. November 25th morning, Huangpi traffic police Hu Zong in Sichuan dragon Avenue along the road patrol control, bridge patrol to Sichuan Road after the Dragon Lake Bridge Road, the police found a man dressed in costumes, next to a Honda car and a red bridge people talking. Patrol police patrol to the side of the man, found that the police dress inappropriate, flustered, see patrol police quickly into the car. Patrol police Hu Zongli stepped forward, according to the law requires the police to produce relevant driving documents. The man is unable to provide valid documents, in the face of the police on duty asked prevarication, duty police suspect that the "police" must have a problem. Quickly by the police through the inquiry of the man and vehicle information to verify the identity information, after inquiry, confirmed that the so-called "police" is a fake. Under questioning by the police, the man finally revealed his true face, confessed his posing as police violations. The police on duty Hu Zong quickly will report brigade, branch, and immediately control the man detained, while the vehicle withheld his driving for further examination. At present, the man suspected of posing as police fraud cases, has moved Hengdian police handling the case.相关的主题文章: