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Home-Improvement What takes more abuse in your kitchen than the sink, the counter, and the cupboard doors? The kitchen floor. When selecting a kitchen floor, good tiles should be a priority to handle the traffic and daily abuse one of the busiest rooms in your house is going to see. Your kitchen floor tiles will see moisture, abuse, high traffic, stains, heavy washing with all kinds of detergents and dropping of all kinds of kitchen utensils. Let’s face it your kitchen floor tiles are heavily abused. A good set of choices for the candidate of kitchen floor tile are Linoleum kitchen floor tiles, ceramic kitchen floor tiles, quarry kitchen floor tiles (which include stones like marble floor tiles, slate floor tiles, flagstone floor tiles etc.) and wood kitchen floor tiles such as bamboo. Linoleum Kitchen Floor Tiles The least expensive of the choices, linoleum is most popular not in a kitchen floor tile format but as a roll like carpeting. In either form it is easy to clean, highly water resistant, stain resistant and mildew resistant. Linoleum is available in many different colours and textures and is very popular amongst DIY (DO-IT-YOURSELFER) projects. Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles Used most frequently of all the forms of tile available as both the back splash and the kitchen floor tile. Ceramic kitchen floor tiles are available in many colours and textures and are highly durable, water and stain resistant. The only weak spot on ceramic kitchen floor tiles is the grout and that can be sealed with .pounds to ensure the highest water and mildew resistance. Also a very .mon DIY undertaking and is reasonably cost effective. Quarry Kitchen Floor Tiles Stone kitchen floor tiles are very strong and very durable. They offer very unique character to a kitchen however they are expensive and require a lot of professional skill to install as they need precise tooling and cutting. Often quarry stones are used as kitchen floor tiles in large kitchens or .mercial kitchen applications. Wood Kitchen Floor Tiles Not as popular as any of the above choices, however with new greener thinking, choices like bamboo are a more obvious choice. Bamboo is renewable and is a new resource in green thinking to replace hardwood. It is also very water resistant and offers great unique fresh looks to modern kitchens. The cost of bamboo is moderate, but considering its growing popularity that will soon decrease. As a kitchen floor tile bamboo is a great green choice. Regardless when making your choice for kitchen floor tiles, make sure it suits your kitchens needs of high traffic, colour and use, and consider all of your options like your pocketbook, our environment, and installation when choosing. If you can, make the greenest and most appropriate choice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: