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Lv Ningsi: Hong Sen backer in Cambodia China to sit tight in the 30 core tip: Lv Ningsi believes that Hong Sen in Kampuchea in thirty years, he was elected to a friendly, or patron, this is Chinese. Kampuchea tend to China in the South China Sea issue, the president Xi Jinping visit to Kampuchea, spoke highly of China Cambodia relations. Phoenix October 13th "total editing time", the following is the text: Lv Ningsi: the chairman Xi Jinping visit to Kampuchea, before the article published in a Kampuchea newspaper, his relationship with Kampuchea and Chinese highly praised, he used some Chinese idioms, said China Cambodia relations are, and mutual help in perfect sympathy with each other, stand together through storm and stress in Kampuchea this year. In July, the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting is also against the Philippines and other countries like the requirements issued a statement to condemn, mentioned the issue of the South China Sea Kampuchea was also rejected, so President Xi said Kampuchea uphold justice out on international issues. Cambodia relations can be said to be long before 60s, Kampuchea is a history of two thousand years of small kingdoms, very long, when he was with Thailand and Vietnam are neighbors, but sometimes by Siam invasion, sometimes by the Vietnamese invasion of Vietnam, was put down after the Angkor Wat occupied Phnom Penh between Kampuchea and Vietnam, ethnic intermarriage, blood is more complicated. To France from Southeast Asia, established in Kingdom of Cambodia, the head is Prince Sihanouk, from the time he started China and very friendly, but at that time, Southeast Asia is the United States and the Soviet Union there are China competing in a geopolitical focus, after coming to the United States in the Vietnam War which took Kampuchea as one of his rear later, the pro american Prime Minister lon Nol coup overthrew Sihanouk, Sihanouk was in Moscow, but Moscow not to accept him, he went to Beijing, Beijing took more than and 10 years to take him. Then came the Khmer Rouge, when China is once supported the Khmer Rouge, later the Vietnam invaded, the overthrow of the Khmer Rouge, now the Prime Minister of Kampuchea Hong Sen is the beginning of the Khmer Communist Party, the Communist Party of Kampuchea members of the Khmer Rouge, after he found the Khmer Rouge in Phnom Penh, policy too far to the left, and the Heng Samrin defected to Vietnam followed, the Vietnam team again to Phnom Penh, when the government of Kampuchea to support Vietnam’s leaders, at the time China criticism called him Hong Sen Heng Samrin puppet regime, but Hong Sen is one of the great political insight, also very wise. He later went to Beijing in the reform of the king of Sihanouk received the Kampuchea, and then returned to Kingdom of Cambodia, and after several times elected Prime Minister second, and then was elected prime minister, to visit Beijing. It can be said that Hong Sen in Kampuchea on thirty years, he was elected to a friendly, or patron, this is Chinese. He and China friendly, stable for thirty years, and now he is in the South China Sea issue is inclined to China, support China, you can imagine the President Xi to bring them a lot of orders, but also to encourage and praise. So he and China friendly from the trend in terms of the return is certainly a lot of. Not to mention that Hong Sen is an experienced politician, and incidentally his father is Hainan, china;相关的主题文章: