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Lv Bin, Zhang Wei and China Boxing Championship Boxing Guangdong ushered in the spring – Sohu sports Lv Bin returned to   in October, a top event Chinese boxing in Guangdong will be staged in Zhongshan. At present Chinese top boxing tournament "Chinese boxing tournament" in Zhongshan City stadium, bring three infinite passion fight night for the majority of fans. In October 28th, October 30th and November 1st, 10 match ups will be staged by the Zhongshan commercial bank support the "Chinese boxing match, 20 of the top domestic fighters will catch on the athletic field, out of 10 grades of" Chinese muhammad". As Guangdong boxing Gemini, 49 kg and 56 kg class player player Lv Bin Zhang Jiawei will play the competition in Olympic boxer boxing competition on behalf of identity, Chinese Hall of fame. The 22 year old Lv Bin is the second Zou again after a domestic domination 49 kg class boxing overlord level figures, the National Youth Championships, National Games and national championships, the national championship, the championship has been Lv Bin took over. Lv Bin also repeated in the international arena has a good performance, in addition to the 2012 World Youth Championship, Lv Bin also appeared on a number of International Invitational podium. In 2014 the first international boxing APB boxing match, Lv Bin all the way through the final to win the 49 kg class champion gold belt, and in the following the battle to defend the 12 round victory over Kazakhstan’s former world champion successfully defended the bor. APB individual champion also gave Lv Bin the opportunity to direct Rio, but the referee’s unjust penalty but let Lv Bin tears in Rio, no further.   Zhang Jiawei Lv Bin in the past and more commendable performance, that is he in February of this year’s "new year trophy game 10 round victory miners champion bear Zhaozhong. As a fighter against the national team in system and the system of occupation in the most eye-catching boxer, Lv Bin is not optimistic as before, but he was with practical action for the national team who is the name, but also to the domestic boxing in Guangdong sit up and take notice. With Lv Bin, the 27 year old Zhang Jiawei in the 56 kg class is thriving, hard to beat. Zhang Jiawei is in the National Games, national championship and the national championship three national champions and also won the Asian Games silver medal for outstanding achievement. In 2015 APB Zhang Jiawei was first in the individual competition, away wins in the final victory over rival, then WBO intercontinental champion de John Gil (former occupation boxing record of 16 wins 12 occupation KO opponents), to the identity of the Olympic champion boxer beat the mighty system of occupation, the achievements of another boxing story. "New year trophy" game leave moments Zhang Wei, his 10 round rout before WBC intercontinental champion Wang Xinghua, twice defeated champion has created occupation amateur boxing signs. Zhang Jiawei’s Olympic road is not flat, out of the first round in sixteen after he scored eight knockouts crashed out of regret. Guangdong double star is now stepping up preparations for the upcoming "at the end of this month Chinese Championship Boxing match. The title Lv Bin and Huang Xin young, newcomer Huang Xin is the national championship this year, good strength..相关的主题文章: