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"Love" post exposure starring makeup as   behind, entertainment channel — original title collective anxiety: "love" post exposure starring makeup as collective anxiety behind Li Jinrong     VS; President of "old driver" VS street singer actor collective anxiety? Three men and women of the character set, the young men and women love story, romantic literature and art in Zhuhai, Macao, the film "love post office" to build up the important elements of emotional entanglements. Taiwan famous model, actress Li Zhi is as president of the film, but still he did not like the heroine as reflecting the aura was overbearing, affectionate gaze not only reflects the view and the object for the involved himself, stopped in mid air hands will his tangled portrait just perfect. The interpretation of "old driver" Li Jinrong played a single driver in the film, he still answer the mobile phone, face revealed his anxiety. Has been accompanied by the elder sister in the side of the elder brother Rong witnessed her how to change? Compared with the thoughtful all people, Ding Yujia plays the role of a Xing is direct and transparent. Stills confessed his bar singer, only a Xing makeup as the characters in sight. His love for the elder sister is direct. What is the story behind "collective anxiety" in the film? In the romantic atmosphere is to analyze how petty emotions? The complex relationship between the characters and entanglements caused by the emotional concerns of users and the media. It is reported that the film "love" the post office is currently in Zhuhai, Macao shooting, is expected to meet with the audience next year. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: