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Love in Bali Island, love love! Sohu travel Bali Island, located in Indonesia, is a famous tourist attraction. Because the Bali Island amorous feelings, very spectacular scenery, therefore, it also has a variety of nicknames such as "island of the gods", "devil’s Island", "Romance island", "beautiful island", "Paradise Island", "magic island", "flower island". I think this is one of the reasons why Bali Island has become a lot of couples choose a wedding location. But this time we are not on the honeymoon, but with the crystallization of our love, to the romantic island. In Bali Island, some scenery is absolutely can not miss, what is it? Follow our steps together to feel appreciation Bali Island Ubud unique rural scenery; Ubud’s fascinating idyllic scenery that many tourists are attracted to. Just enjoy the beauty of these needs drove to a lot of people have a driver’s license test, but the simplest approach in the local car. The driver plus the cost is not expensive, if the price in China will not accept. For the children concerned, I still don’t think about the premise, although there will be idyllic scenery appreciation, if the child is older but children older than one year to be better, too small if there are a lot of change, especially in the period of infant milk. Ubud Street will have a lot of features on both sides of the shop, while the exchange of money is also very convenient. It’s just that these stores sell a little more expensive, but it’s OK to buy something. Children with these shops is not the best choice, so if you like to shop, it is best to put the children to play in the seaside better. Beach leisure time; Bali Island is a famous place to play KUTA and NUSA DUA. KUTA is the most famous surf zone, where you can see a lot of foreigners surfing grace, but the sand texture, feet up is not very comfortable. Coupled with the majority of surfers, this wave of the sea is relatively large, more ferocious, it is recommended not to bring the child in this play, or choose some of the more relaxed waves beach play better. Kuta Beach (Kuta Beach) is known as the most beautiful Bali Island on the coast, 10 km away from the Basayue board, from the International Airport about 15 minutes. The beach here is flat, a paradise for surfing and skateboarding. There is a lively commercial street nearby, all kinds of Bali traditional handicrafts, colorful national costumes show. I believe that if the family travel, someone to take care of the baby’s case, go shopping or good, of course if you are willing to take the baby or not, but the premise must be the first child items with qi. There is also the island’s most famous swimming places, just a little baby in this range. Even so, but feel the thrill of surfing absolutely nothing wrong, because these surfing movement, therefore attracts many domestic and foreign tourists are attracted to. The children here can harvest a lot of wonderful surfing the moment, the shock brought by surfing, I believe will certainly leave some feelings to the child’s heart. .相关的主题文章: