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Liu Tao Ma Su nominated Zheng Xiaolong to our Golden Eagle Award –   entertainment Sohu bad woman; Ma Su Sohu entertainment directed by renowned director Zheng Xiaolong, Sun Li, Liu Tao, Ma Su starred in the "biography" tells the story of Chinese Mi months first in the history of the queen mother, played by Sun Li, the legendary female politician Mi month tortuous growth process. This drama not only won the double rosy ratings and reputation of the audience, it is a finalist in the twenty-eighth annual China TV Golden Eagle award outstanding drama list of candidates, and the three actresses Liu Tao, Ma Su and Xu Baihui, also by virtue of the excellent acting drama, the audience was nominated for favorite actress, and Zhao Liying, Liyan Tong et al for the Golden Eagle Award as after. Reporters from the Golden Eagle Festival Awards program group learned that they are invited to the scene as the ceremony director Zheng Xiaolong airborne. The famous actor Liu Tao plays Mi Shu in the "Mi month biography", Congyi first villain rape angle, won the Golden Eagle Award audience love actress nomination for Liu Tao regulars of the golden eagle, is an affirmation and encouragement. For the role of MI Shu, Liu Tao said: "I came from the shackles of the role as an understanding wife and loving mother jumped out, although the heart secretly regret their mining is a bit late, but fortunately, he can run into Zheng Xiaolong’s good team" and "Mi months pass the play." Last year Liu Tao won the award for best performance, but the regret is that Sun Li popularity PK missed the most popular actress just a little bit worse, can not be fulfilled his wish this year, it is worth looking forward to. Another external "speech is also a bad woman in the MI months biography" young actor Ma Su, also nominated for second Golden Eagle audience favorite actress. Twenty-sixth when Ma Su had with the "plant flower" plays "factory take" Bai Yuping "won the audience favorite actress, was in the Changsha prize when Ma Su said the next more effort impact double award, playing Mrs. Wei Mi months biography" in "this year, Ma Su in the face if the peach between shallow dimples the performance of soft state charm million, a sharp sword like eye role conversion, Diablo series value minute combat burst table, acting bullish, beautiful horse popularity has soared, is considered as a shock after the popularity of the dark horse. Finally, a "Mi month biography" in "bad woman" Meng Zhao’s our play, this is the first time the audience favorite Award nominated actress, so special thanks to the "Mi month biography" said: "our crew, I rarely take the palace fighting drama actor, then play different roles to break their own audience are very rational, not the real role and equal, so to be nominated, I feel very grateful." "Three Mi months biography" "bad woman" acting terrible, have been nominated audience favorite actress awards, the director group also specially invited the general director of the play to Zheng Xiaolong as guests, finally in the end he will put the gold to a "bad woman Palace" in the hand, announced in late October 16th twenty-eighth. The China TV Golden Eagle awards.相关的主题文章: