Linux how does it ruin the Microsoft’s plan to rule the

Linux how does it ruin the Microsoft’s plan to rule the world? Today, no matter where you are, it is not possible to use Linux. More than 2 billion people carry a Android phone every day to go out, it is the bottom of the system is Linux. Even if you do not use Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows computer to see this article, there are Linux credit. Like most web sites, curiosity daily server also runs the Linux system. You can use Microsoft’s system, you can avoid Apple’s hardware. But Linux is everywhere. Super computer world’s 500 fastest in 80%, using the Linux system, the cost of computing devices to hundreds of millions of dollars to billions of dollars; but at the same time, but also like the cherry so small mini computer, but the price of 33 yuan, the same running Linux operating system integration. Even Microsoft’s own cloud computing platform, two weeks ago, the introduction of Red Hat Linux operating system – Red Hat is the world’s most successful Linux commercial company. It all started in 1991 with a Finland student’s amateur program. A student project started in 1991 August 25, 1991, University of Helsinki sophomore Linus · Towaz (Linus Torvalds), in MINIX news group (comp.os.inix) released a title "in the MINIX system you want to see what?" The theme, the specific content is: Hello, the use of the MINIX system, you are good! I am writing a (free) can be used in 386 (486) AT operating system (just a personal hobby, will not be so big so professional GNU). I’ve been preparing for this project since April. Because the operating system I and MINIX are similar (mainly physical file system arrangement, mainly because it is practical), so I hope we can get some feedback, tell me if you love MINIX."…… Some technical details…… ( this is a bit random, plug a bunch of text into the brackets Linux starting point. Young linus. Photo: Youtube Linus began in 1990 at the University of Helsinki study, Ultrix computer operating system was the first to come into contact with, is a issued by the American DEC company Unix system version. This is also the first Unix University of Helsinki system. Born in AT& T Baer laboratory Unix system is the main operating system of enterprises and research institutions. Unix creator Ken · Thompson (Ken Thompson) and Danny.相关的主题文章: