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The latest Zhang Yixing William Chan into the group exposed Li Yifeng Road studio shots – "big industry" entertainment Sohu army transillumination, you see? "Big" the new road army industry Sohu Li Yifeng entertainment news to radiographic film into the blood of youth inspirational film "big industry" is the army put together a "meat actor", recently there has been news exposure, Li Yifeng Zhang Yixing and friends William Chan and other actors into the group, at the same time Li Yifeng’s style has also been photographed. Li Yifeng will play "He Changgong" in the film, Zhang Yixing plays William Chan, or "Lu Deming" or "Du Yuesheng or as xiaozhuang". "Big business" by Sanping Han army chief of planning and art director, producer Huang Jianxin, directed by Andrew Lau, after the officer declared Liu Ye following the "Beginning of The Great Revival" once again plays Mao Zedong, Zhu Yawen plays Zhou Enlai, the new generation of niche Ou Hao, Liu Haoran, Ma Tianyu in the film were played by Ye Ting, Su Yu and Lin Biao. Huang Jianxin revealed that the number of stars starred in more than 40. Not long ago, Luhan suspected of playing "Deng Xiaoping", according to the studio guest Wallace Huo and the other was exposed, the meat actor Andrew Lau is looking to put in, "" a "large army of young, dynamic, passionate and brotherhood", and promote a step. It is reported that the "army" big industry story focused on 1927, the failure of the first revolutionary civil war, the Communist Party of Chinese to save the revolution, in August 1st of that year in Jiangxi was held in Nanchang known as the "Nanchang uprising" patriotic revolutionary action. Sanping Han said, "the big industry" is making army major historical events, but it is a group of young people in order to change the country, nation and individual destiny and strive blood. The film will be released in 2017, the 90 anniversary of the establishment of a gift.相关的主题文章: