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Li Yifeng was selected in the end is how Baby’s award selection? Baby won the award best actress husband Huang Xiaoming full chongni! Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (easy style) yesterday, the latest session of hundred flowers Awards announced in Tangshan. William Feng, after the emperor, Li Yifeng, the best supporting actress award for the results of the whole ceremony, but it is so that everyone was shocked by the results of the ceremony, the president of the Republic of China, the world’s best supporting role, the results of the ceremony, but also to make people feel surprised…… And take a fright…… Take one more surprise…… Actor award: Feng Xiaogang, Deng Chao, Huang Bo, Zhao Wei such a player hit together defeat, William Feng and Xu Qing eventually won this award winner in the best actress, best supporting actor and actress, Li Yifeng and Angelababy have been the first show their class awards. At the Shanghai Film Festival to the actor Duan Yihong and Golden Rooster Award for best supporting actor Zhang Yi got nothing in the Hundred Flowers Award, the social network, the analogy of this year the judges this session of hundred flowers award the Rio Olympics referee a few jokes. Zhang Yi also came to the ceremony site if you have to choose from the perspective of the audience, the Chinese film box office record was created, catch the demon, the six nominated nothing is puzzling. It is directed by Cao Baoping’s "sun burning heart" won best film and best screenplay award, becoming the biggest winner of the night, quite DeYiShuangXin taste. Director Cao Baoping came to accept the award in fact a hundred flowers award results, and this year also let public opinion began to discuss the judges in the end what kind of evaluation criteria to selection. That year, Zhao Wei with "Youth" beat Wong Kar Wai "the great master" become the best director, even when she received the award are surprised. For most of the audience, the film festival itself is a very vague concept, and even many actors at the time of interview will confuse the concept of several hundred flowers award, the Golden Rooster Award and the film festival. The golden rooster prize award and what kind of difference? The most intuitive answer can be obtained from Jiang Wen in an interview. He was in 1987 ("Furong Town") and 1989 ("spring") two times to get the award for best actor. Jiang Wen have won the two award he said: "I have good relationship with the audience is in fact, otherwise I will not become a only actor award. I give my prize in addition to the audience, what people did not give me the lottery. What are the Golden Rooster Award, in did not participate in, they won’t let me go, I shot the film not to participate, do not allow me to participate in." In simple terms, the award name is "popular movie award", was founded in 1962. The name comes from Mao Zedong in 1956 the policy for the work of literature and art "All flowers bloom together." spirit. The award was originally intended for the audience, sponsored by the popular film magazine and mailed to the editorial office by readers. The Golden Rooster Award was founded in 1981, by the profession selection. The following year held, also let two awards are the lack of certain "timeliness" — for example, this year, "dear" finalists will let many unknown questions from the audience: This is not the last film? In 2005, the national reorganization awards, Film Festival in order to save two awards.相关的主题文章: