Li Daxiao a strong counterattack in the global market – will be lower after Sohu

Li Wei: A shares stronger than the global market, will be a big counterattack after low opening – Sohu finance February 15th, A shares monkey first show: Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities both opened sharply lower, the stock index opened below 2700 points. On the surface, only the concept of gold and other hedging rose, while other sectors fell across the board. In this regard, Li Daxiao Ying Tai Securities chief economist in accepting connections that the overseas market is an important reason for today’s A shares plummeted downward in the Spring Festival holiday, "opened quickly after stabilization and then counterattack is the trend." Lidaxiao said, the global stock market fell by the impact of two major factors: tensions on the Korean peninsula that South Korea plummeted sharply; Deutsche Bank Crisis, a loss of 6 billion 800 million in 2015, has been hailed as the second Lehman Brothers bank shares plummeted, Europe makes us stock market down sharply. But from the probability point of view, the market environment and in 2008 2016 very different, after the 2008 financial crisis, European banks and credit institutions tend to be conservative, leverage from 60 times down sharply." Li Daxiao said, A shares from 5178 to 2638 A shares have been fully adjusted, the valuation of blue chips is low in the global market, the dividend yield is enough to attract long-term capital, the blue chips will play a mainstay role, at the same time, domestic liquidity is the possibility of further easing.

李大霄:A股强于全球市场 低开后必将大反攻-搜狐财经   2月15日,A股猴年首秀:沪深两市双双大幅低开,沪指开盘即跌破2700点。盘面上看,仅黄金等避险概念上涨,其他板块全线下跌。对此,英大证券首席经济学家李大霄在接受连线时表示,境外市场在春节假期的暴跌是今日A股下行重要原因,“低开后迅速企稳然后反攻是大趋势。”   李大霄称,影响全球股市下跌主要是两大因素:朝鲜半岛的紧张局势使得日韩大幅暴跌;德银危机,2015年亏损68亿,被喻为第二个雷曼兄弟,银行股的暴跌使得欧洲美国股市大幅下行。“但是从大概率上来看,2016的市场环境与2008年决然不同,经过2008年金融风暴以后,欧美银行及信用机构趋于保守,杠杆率已从60倍大幅下行。”   李大霄表示,A股从5178到2638调整已充分,A股的蓝筹股的估值水平在全球市场中属于低位,股息收益率已经足够吸引长期资本,蓝筹股将起到中流砥柱的作用,同时,国内流动性有进一步宽松的可能。相关的主题文章: