Legal experts the association rules to destroy the United Arab registered dishonesty (video)-pullip

Legal experts: the association rules to destroy the United Arab Emirates has registered dishonesty highlights the problem of repeated violations of the spirit of contract [basketball] O League and sudden anger shoes for playing non sponsors refused to leave directly according to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" comment column reported that recently, the basketball star Yi Jianlian in the CBA League in violation of the agreement without authorization to change the sponsor stadium what shoes cause social concern. Various media criticized the practice of the above players. Among them, the Xinhua News Agency commented that "what is interesting is that Yi Jianlian can suddenly be the Lakers cut the case back to the CBA League Basketball Association and the League should thank the organizers of the Chinese. The deadline has been registered in the League under the condition of China CBA eventually decided to agree to the Yi Jianlian team, but considering his special circumstances, in fan’s influence and positive effect on the league, teshiteban ", to reflect the association of gratitude magnanimous and players do not know. The author believes that the comments mentioned only half of the player’s breach of contract should be criticized and punished. But at the same time, the Yi Jianlian abandoned shoe incident also really played basketball in the face, reflecting the association of the whole event itself does not obey the rules in a cocoon around oneself. According to media reports, in the League registration deadline has passed, there is no registered Yi Jianlian is not eligible. Chinese CBA eventually decided to agree to the Yi Jianlian team, "is nothing more than taking into account his special circumstances, in fan’s influence and positive effect on the league, teshiteban." However, this approach not only can not reflect the association of tolerance open-minded, embodies the organizers, not abide by the rules of the breach of contract. The association may be out of the box office, the market sentiment, consider, but the registration deadline has passed in the league, agreed to not meet the conditions of the players. On the one hand, in violation of their own rules, take the lead in destruction, damage the management authority. The future of other teams, other players also appeared in a similar situation can teshiteban! If everything becomes a reason to change the rules, so what’s the meaning of the rules. On the other hand, in violation of the rules of basketball, the window is closed after the players individually teshiteban, also harmed the benefit of the team, is unfair to other players, the team. This approach and how to win the trust of the managers, how to fulfill the duties of supervision. Against the rules, Cheng Fangyuan said, is the importance of the contract. The spirit of the contract is actually very simple, that is, to count the words, keep their promises, once made a rule must be implemented, and can not be affected by the situation, the interests of the impact of a discount, selective execution. This is especially true of sports, where there is no fair environment to win the audience and the market. In recent years, the players and the management of the dispute, to varying degrees, and managers do not abide by the rules, lax enforcement, unfair related. A manager is too much standing on their own perspective, no empathy, moderate respect and consider the interests of the individual players, coaches, rule making process is not open, transparent, fair and reasonable rules of the content is not enough, causing resistance to players and coaches directly or indirectly. The two is not strictly specified, to gauge Rushan in the management process, often because of short-term interests, with some exceptions, teshiteban, impact bar相关的主题文章: