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Lang Ping with Zhu Ting, 5, etc., will debut in Hangzhou to send the Mid Autumn Festival blessing map for the women’s volleyball team in the event of Lang Ping and the scene of the. Zhao Xiaoyan photo Beijing, Hangzhou, September 14, (Zhao Xiaoyan) the Olympic Games to win back near Lang Ping 14 day China team members such as Zhu Ting came to the headquarters of the Alibaba, Tmall live with fans online and offline interaction. Live, Lang Ping became half a piece of hand, the host asked whether the future can live matches from the audience to reward, she joked, if you can live matches before the Olympic Games is good. Live in the Alibaba, Lang Ping naturally Alibaba and the women’s volleyball team spirit for comparison, she said, "the Alibaba is a wonderful enterprise, through entrepreneurship not become possible, but also Chinese women may begin to realize the dream never end." In the live, Lang Ping and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba and the team also met Ma, Lang Ping readily agreed to participate in the public welfare project ma. At the same time, she also said that the women’s volleyball team is actually hand chop party. Scene, the women’s volleyball team members said that coach Lang Ping is not only a coach, life is like a mother, even before meals, washing, and so will remind. Lang Ping also said that members of the team will be concerned about life, emotional and other issues. When it comes to emotional problems, the scene immediately fryer, but the scene of Zhu Ting, Xu Yunli, Yuan Xinyue, Wei Qiuyue 4 players have said that is not your emotional problems.   Lang Ping and women’s volleyball team at the event site. Photo by Zhao Xiaoyan in fact, brokered by the Lang Ping, China women’s volleyball strength main Zhu Ting will depart for Turkey women’s Volleyball League giants wakif bank club into the state league. In the past, the players want to play in the League before retirement is not easy, why Zhu Ting can go abroad in the golden period of competition? Is the management and control to be relaxed? Lang Ping after the end of the broadcast said in an interview, this is a kind of keeping pace with the times, with the development of the world volleyball sports, the reform of the world volleyball technology, communicating with each other, there are a lot of Chinese FIVB League foreign aid to play. "Our national team of high-level athletes can also go out, and now the world has a lot of high level of the league, such as the Turkey League, Italy League, the level is very high. Zhu Ting will be able to go out and train and compete with the world’s top players, and I believe there will be more breakthroughs in Zhu Ting’s volleyball skills." Lang Ping said, such as South Korea’s Kim, the beginning is not so prominent, but in recent years the exchange of foreign League and after the match, she became a world-class player. She believes that Zhu Ting can also have a breakthrough in their existing level. "We also hope that in the future more national team players have the opportunity to communicate, but because we are in the league during the Chinese Volleyball League during the first national team, so based on the consent of, they enter the club, we should also respect the club’s opinion, they actively recommend it to trip." (end)相关的主题文章: