Land Rover car two years on the bold men’s 7 piece Lin brand into the world yuria

Land Rover car two years on the bold men’s 7 piece "Lin" brand into the world in October 8th, Lichuan Police Brigade police stopped a suspicious road Tiger white suv. The inspection found that the car has been bought for 2 years, but there has been no sign, the car has 7 pieces of temporary license plate, but also has expired. 8 on the morning of 9 pm, the Lichuan provincial police brigade vehicle inspection station in Shanghai and Chongqing Lichuan highway toll, an unlicensed Land Rover SUV into the police inspection area, police quickly approached the car stopped, the driver Lee was active after getting off the bus, took out a stack of temporary plate, tell yourself the police on duty the car is new, is not on the card. He said that since the car has been required to apply for temporary license plate on the road, there is no offense. However, after the police check the vehicle insurance and Car Buying invoice after the discovery, the car was purchased in December 2014, has been nearly 2 years, has been in accordance with the requirements for normal motor vehicle registration, and seven applications for temporary license plate. Subsequently, the police will bring the driver to the brigade investigation. Lee explained, always wanted to go to a good card, but could not do so, commissioned a friend to apply for a temporary license plate driving, a long time to go through the 7 temporary plate. Lee police on the legal team, told the DMV issued a temporary license plate shall not exceed three times, three times more than the temporary plate plate are invalid. Subsequently, the police did not illegal suspension of motor vehicle license plate of motor vehicle Lee on road shall be fined 200, down 12 points in administrative penalties. Police remind, according to the "motor vehicle registration regulations" article forty-fifth, the vehicle has a temporary situation, need on the road, the motor vehicle owner shall apply to the vehicle management temporary driving license. One is not for sale, the purchase of two, transfer, donation and other means not the activity of motor vehicle registration, three is to carry out scientific research, test, four is due to axle load, total quality, dimensions beyond the national standard, not for special vehicle registration; and the vehicle management issued by the provisional license plate shall not exceed three times. (reporter Wang Gongshang)相关的主题文章: