Lala Hsu at the Mid Autumn Festival high-tech means big fish – to reproduce the Begonia entertainmen-tsumori chisato

Lala Hsu at the Mid Autumn Festival high-tech means "big fish" – Begonia reproduce mid autumn evening entertainment Sohu Lala Hsu sing Sohu Entertainment – it may be hard for you to believe that a Hunan TV the night of the Mid Autumn Festival has gathered so many different styles of breath, never hit the singer, including large gas Sun Nan, sun TFBOYS, sweet Yang Yuying, national the wind of Tan Weiwei, Hua Chenyu, Wowkie Zhang rock funny and fresh good sister, loving Reno Wang…… Now, an art — Lala Hsu added a well intentioned singer on the list of the mid autumn festival. With "I am a singer" in the fourth quarter, from the island of Taiwan the strength of creative talented Lala Hsu into the more audience. Lala Hsu is good at music to record the real life, close to the deep, the line is warm and cure. Superb singing and creative talent, let Lala Hsu quickly capture a large number of fans. The night of the Mid Autumn Festival, Lala Hsu will sing the domestic original animation large "big fish" Begonia song "Jiu Xi wind" for the first time, with a delicate clear voice for the audience to send holiday greetings. Although this song seems to be not associated with the Mid Autumn Festival, however, you will find that the song on the mid autumn festival night, but also suitable for. Lyrics, "you are in my heart, really good" out of the number of people’s voices, singing through the hearts of many people care and deep thoughts. Lala Hsu will use her ethereal clear sound, perfect interpretation of the deep feelings. "See this man, lost track of time, moon hang", the night of the Mid Autumn Festival reunion night, also hope that everyone in the audience heart. People can come together. In addition to the selected song director group also revealed that create new styles, the song "Jiu Xi wind" in visual effect will also fit the "big fish" Begonia fantasy movie fragments introduced temperament, combined with the virtual technology and CG technology, exquisite "big fish" to restore the Begonia, vivid dreamlike way stunning screen. From another perspective, the introduction of domestic animation elements in large tracts of the party, let the "big fish" Begonia in front of the broader audience fantasy reproduce, but also reflects the support and attention of domestic original animation director group IP. Lala Hsu is fresh and mellow song, "jiu" and "father" of the moving story of a surreal dream tech show, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival of the "Jiu Xi wind" will give the audience how wonderful audio-visual experience? September 15th 20:20 Hunan TV Mid Autumn Festival announced for you.相关的主题文章: