Kyrgyzstan media a feather to football fans can only continue to thin, letinous edodes blue-xhero

Kyrgyzstan media: a feather to football fans can only continue to thin, letinous edodes blue media briefing on the afternoon of October 13th Beijing time, Chinese Football Association held a media briefing, according to China 0 to 2 loss to Uzbekistan, and the national football coach Gao Hongbo resigned to explain, with the resignation of Gao Hongbo, national football coach has become the most concerned about the outside world problems the Football Association executive committee, led the China in front of the head Yu Hongchen said to produce a new coach in October 20th, and this rumor has never contacted the Shenhua coach mansano. Yu Hongchen: before the game is a game for the night before the game with the Football Association talks with Gao Hongbo, given a specific description of the. Yu Hongchen said: Cai Zhenhua arrived in Tashkent on the evening of 10, in the evening held a coaching staff heard the report on the game. The meeting personnel a total of 7 people: Yu Hongchen, Gao Hongbo, chairman Tsai leader, four coach, this is a practice, every day before the game will be notified, first is Gao Hongbo informed of the preparations and participating scheme, Fu Bo, Qu Chuliang added. Cai chairman from 4 aspects of the requirements of the team. There are rumors that the night is an in-depth conversation, in fact, we are a collective in accordance with the procedures reported. Cai Zhenhua: never mentioned the resignation of two words when asked before the meeting is about to resign or exchange the class, Cai Zhenhua clearly said: never mentioned the resignation of two words, I can responsibly say, also did not reveal a similar message, never say this lost you resign. Under normal circumstances, I will not make such low-level mistakes. For example, like their children to take the exam, I can not tell the child, if you do not test, how will you. Asked why Gao Hongbo said at the press conference, is not because there is some misunderstanding on the communication. Cai Zhenhua said: I have been thinking about this problem, but the answer can only be answered by Gao Hongbo himself. Suggest that you can ask Gao Hongbo. Yu Hongchen: after a week from coach Yu Hongchen said, now Xuanshuai program, according to the needs of the game, our team from the point of view, to produce a new coach in 20 days or so, this is an ideal time, but never drag race preparation period. I’ve never been in contact with Manzano before. Contact with anyone until Xuanshuai start. The new task is to take 12 of the race task cycle. Zhang Jian: Xuanshuai will draw lessons from China Football Association on Gao Hongbo’s work attitude, responsibility, business heart that has certainly, based on the current state, said respect for him to resign. Executive vice chairman of the association Zhang Jian said: "Xuanshuai work will learn from the experience and lessons of the past, will be looking for in the range of outstanding coaches, familiar with Chinese Asian Football in the Chinese coach or foreign coach is not the key, only good coach, has become the new coach of the May, specific criteria and Xuanshuai mechanism in the past the same."相关的主题文章: