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Kunming feather factory owners: smelly odor filled to get rhinitis new network – feather processing plant with green mountains and rivers such, residential air is very fresh. But from the second half of last year, a burning garbage odor mixed with pig excrement and smelly droppings began to diffuse over the Baisha run park, Baisha County, purple Dongyuan, Dong Ming jiayuan. Repeatedly find, Panlong District Qingyun Street office in conjunction with the District Environmental Protection Bureau in October 27th to a source of pollution, two feather processing plant for the rectification. The owners have to smell rhinitis Pak run park is located in the east of the neighborhood, "good environment of mountains of water". But according to the owners reflect, from the beginning of the second half of last year, every evening at about 7, the area covered by a waste incineration and industrial raw materials, smelly smoke, mingled with the smell of chicken excrement and pig excrement, and thin smoke like the evening show, the concentration of the big, smelly, old people and children are Light-headedness nausea and vomiting also, healthy adults can not resist. Secondly, 4 points to 5 points a week early in the morning, smell the stench of feces extremely intermittent fermentation flavor, like the mixed emissions residues and animal manure swill refining, the smell can wake a sleeping person at 4 o’clock. One owner said she came to Kunming more than 10 years, the body has been very good, but from the beginning of last year, the smell began to smell her. After looking for residents in more than half a month, from the northeast to determine the gas source Dongming Yufeng Village Garden within about 5 km radius. This is a small workshop located in the northeast corner of the unknown Jiayuan, are also located in the Beltway bridge north to the mouth of the tunnel of the feather processing plant; in addition, Yufeng village have garbage incineration in. To investigate the stoppage and rectification for processing October 27th, Qingyun Street office in conjunction with the District Environmental Protection Bureau a pollution source investigation and rectification. In a famous mountain in the area east of the more than and 10 acres, was flat over the land still retained a lot of feather, far can smell the odor. Relevant departments contacted a professional company to spray the inactivation agent. Panlong District Qingyun Street Office Deputy Director Chen Xiao said, according to their understanding of the situation, the feather is mainly used for chicken feed additive. On the evening of 26 due to heavy rain, the scene has been airing the feather scattered in spraying inactivator, will organize clean-up of residual feather. Subsequently, the relevant personnel to located in the northeastern part of the mountain, there is a company called Kunming Liang Tian feed processing Co. Ltd. factory, production workshop is flowing in a feather stench. Liang Huazhi, head of the company to reporters to produce a business license and feed production license, but did not produce the relevant EIA information and procedures. Chen Xiao said that the authorities have ordered the factory to suspend production for rectification, waiting for further processing. Cloud newspaper all media reporter Zhang Yongwen photo by Liu Puli相关的主题文章: