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Korean media exposure North Korea nuclear test site location: more than and 10 steep terrain gates – Sohu Military Channel text with map: North Korea nuclear test site. North Korea announced the successful fifth nuclear test, which is located in North Hamgyong province Fenxi nuclear test site has become the focus of the world. Fenxi nuclear test site is located at the North Hamgyong Jizhou County, since 2006 has been used as a nuclear test site. According to South Korean KBS television reported, Fenxi has a more than 2200 meters above sea level vanatta mountain, belongs to the granite structure, and the terrain is extremely rugged, therefore more difficult than the ground monitoring, nuclear tests, radioactive material is not easy to leak out, can be said to have nuclear test conditions richly endowed by nature. Since 2006, North Korea conducted a total of 5 nuclear tests in this place: in October 9, 2006, North Korea conducted a successful underground nuclear test. In May 25, 2009, the agency issued a press release said, "North Korea once again successfully conducted an underground nuclear test". In February 12, 2013, North Korea conducted third underground nuclear tests in the North underground nuclear test site. South Korean Defense Ministry estimates that the explosion equivalent to 6000 tons to 7000 tons TNT. In January 6, 2016, the Korean government issued a statement, announced the first successful test of a hydrogen bomb, which is North Korea’s fourth nuclear test. Only 8 months later, that is, in September 9th, North Korea announced the successful conduct of the fifth nuclear test, breaking the previous 3-4 years cycle. In addition, the Korean media also disclosed the specific location of the DPRK nuclear test several times. According to reports, North Korea’s first nuclear test was carried out on the east side of the tunnel, and third nuclear test second place is changed to the west side of the tunnel. Korean media analysis, on the west side of tunnel is a horizontal tunnel, internal spiral structure. The tunnel is equipped with more than and 10 fan thick iron gate, placed a variety of test equipment. The structure can effectively block the leakage of various radioactive materials produced by the nuclear explosion. Before the fourth nuclear test, North Korea in the West extension line, the tunnel digging a new tunnel. Experts speculate that North Korea’s fifth nuclear test was carried out at the site of the fourth nuclear test at a distance of 9 km west.相关的主题文章: