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Korean film box office: local comedy "beat" LUCK KEY "code" Dante Dante "password" "race queen" 20161021 – 20161023 (according to the weekend trips ranking) position title release time share weekend trips trips 1[1] "LUCK KEY" a total of 2016101366.4% 14619254341372 2[18] 349312472656 3[2] 2016101916.3% "" Dante "Pei Miss fantasy Castle" 201609284.8% "1099412666614 4[3] 201610052.2%" 5[29] 45141986337 "breath race queen" 4216362256 6[55] "love 201610201.8% love 200411261.5%" notebook "32172470017 7[4] BJ 18996803935 8[7] 3" 201609280.9% single diary "Confessions" 201610130.7% 1518190473 new 9[] "nine lives" 201610190.6% new 1430719217 10[] "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows · (2)" 201107130.5% 127544416035 this week, the Korean film market changed little, the first starring Liu Haizhen and Li Zhun’s comedy film "LUCK KEY". This piece has been two consecutive weeks more than 60% market share, in addition to the shadow has no impact of the works, local works still dominate the market. "LUCK KEY", a remake of the Japanese film "Pirates key method", Liu town as a ruthless killer invincible in the film, accidentally and Li Zhun plays the actor flow exchange of identity, then had another life funny story. Watch this piece of the users are not stint on the Internet gives praise, and reflect the theme in the recent Korean film is too heavy, it is still A new force suddenly rises. Liu Zhen especially consummate skill funny, so it is hard not to laugh, but the audience also gives other evaluation, such as young actors is still immature in the town to play with bangs inferior by comparison evaluation. At present, the success of a breakthrough 4 million mark, and this trend has continued for a period of time. This week the official release of the Hollywood blockbuster "password" even before Dante accumulated a good reputation, but still failed to attract more viewers, the first week of less than 500 thousand of the audience. Dante "password" is the movie "the Da Vinci code" was released after ten years of follow-up, see not only Oscar).相关的主题文章: