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Knight Island: South Korean President Park Geun hye from down there? Sohu News – President Park "bestie intervention" scandal is still fermenting. Although the change of the prime minister, also dismissed a secretary of the team, the Ruling Party lawmakers have bowed to apologize to the Korean people, or he’s really not letting this go. Today, many demonstrations broke out in South Korea, park Geun hye called for resignation. The number up to more than 20. The source shows that there are 12 waves of another wave of climax climax. Sister Island today also specially run South Korea Seoul gwanghwamoon worship this concept demonstrations with great in strength and impetus, maintain order in the police to take a hit. Police are Tucao President Park, do not understand how the president can do so that everyone hates her. The demonstrations have said the scene, we must carry out the demonstrations in the end, I know the president stepped down. Well, this is on the bar. The apology came too late yesterday, the second time the president apologized to the nation. But the South Korean professional pollsters — Gallup published new polls — 5%, let the President Park’s support rate to new lows, breaking the previous success by Jin Yongsan (the term 1992-1997) record — 6% years. Mr Jin Yongsan’s low approval ratings were seen in the extreme plight of South Korea’s nearly State Insolvency during the Asian financial crisis of 1997. "Cui Shunshi" after the exposure (October 24th), in the 25 year of the Korean public apology in South Korea in October, Pu Jinhui. But the first apology is a hasty decision, park Geun hye is a little bit not happy, that apology Chong Wa Dae did not (or did not have time) to inform the media in advance, and that the apology is recorded in advance. This is the second time to pay more attention to apologize. Chong Wa Dae a day earlier informed the media apology speech that day in the field and security personnel to maintain order, also the scene of the president of the Phoenix’s symbol and reading "the president of Republic of Korea on the podium, quite remarkable; in addition, different from the first recording of apology, this time is a live broadcast, which is probably related with the first to apologize after South Korean political and social networks to" record apology "criticism is too high. The first time to apologize for only more than and 90 seconds, South Koreans too not only can’t do things carelessly, and win the support of the people, but further deterioration of public opinion. Yesterday’s apology is 9 minutes long, Pu Jinhui in his speech on the way even once choked. But, cares who? Most of the South Korean public opinion is that it is only an extension of apology in October 25th. On the morning of November 4th, Pu Jinhui published "talking to the people" in good faith? In his speech, Pu Jinhui first apologize to the people, then said she was something to promote the national economy and people’s livelihood considerations, we now blame someone the opportunity to reap the benefits as well as guilty of illegal behavior, that’s anxiety; she admitted that all the fault in her failure to eliminate, feeling the burden major, willing to cooperate with prosecutors for investigation. She said, he entered Chong Wa Dae, in order to prevent the occurrence of corruption scandals, even broke off with the family exchanges, a person living alone, because can not help deal with their own personal life private people, from long acquaintance Cui Shunshi where Delta相关的主题文章: