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Kitchen tiles to buy different wall surface of the floor, the kitchen is a heavy oil space, so the choice of kitchen decoration materials, the primary consideration is to facilitate care, but also pay attention to fire prevention. So, how to choose the kitchen decoration tiles? Wall and floor tiles have different choices. ?? How to choose the kitchen tiles wall floor tiles have different requirements (pictures from the network)?? a, the kitchen wall tiles?? the kitchen wall should facilitate clean, not getting the oil charge, but also fire-resistant, thermal deformation etc.. The physical stability of ceramic tile unique, high temperature resistance, easy maintenance etc. are the reasons of its long held kitchen wall material. General recommendations, kitchen wall glossy glazed material, because this kind of brick not easy suction hanging oil, clean up more convenient. Currently on the market there have been anti-bacterial tiles, it emphasizes the surface of the ceramic tile has antibacterial effect, so that bacteria, odor, scaling, mucus can not be bred, suitable for high health requirements of the family. Mosaic is another option, it has a lively sense of design, and even to increase the space for change. ?? In addition, gap between the brick and the brick can not be too large, if you choose to sew for antique brick tiles, filling and jointing agent after it is dry, need to use a brush with special sealant (or varnish), on the surface of grouts gaps in the painted once formed hook joint protective layer agent, in order to avoid future fume pollution and erosion. ?? Two, the kitchen floor tiles?? at present in the kitchen with more material or non slippery tiles or brick, both economical and practical. Experts remind that the purchase of materials in the decoration of the kitchen to fully consider the function of moisture. In the kitchen floor stained with oil, cleaning agents and can be used in general tinsel scrub, does not produce any small scratches or dirty on the ground. ?? The damp kitchen on the ground that the best with little or no natural stone, although these stone rugged, gorgeous appearance, but natural stone material is not waterproof, long time with water splash will deepen the color of stone on the ground, a painted face. If a large area will be relatively smooth floor, easy to fall. How to choose the kitchen tiles wall floor tiles have different requirements (pictures from the network)?? three points three, choose the kitchen tiles?? 1, the kitchen with brick material carefully?? the kitchen tiles have a variety of materials, into tile, whole body tiles, polished tiles, tiles, mosaics and other categories. In the kitchen area of larger space, wall tiles preferred or yaguangyoumianzhuan is sleek, clean up very convenient, but also can create "fashion" effect. The ground tile material is the best option that matt tiles, in order to prevent the kitchen Tangtangshuishui to the ground slippery, accidentally causing safety problems. ? 2, the choice of kitchen tile color? To highlight the effect of changes in the kitchen space, dark tiles are no longer the only choice. As light colored tiles are conducive to the expansion of the field of vision, in the smaller kitchen space can create more fashion effects, more and more sought after by consumers. Worth of pure white is the most popular color, it doesn’t even need any rewards or twill, pattern, only to spend and all kinds of decorative lines to be decorated, can be taken out:相关的主题文章: