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Kija wonderful dragon road stand rule alone smoothly uniform Cui Zhehan (multi spectrum) Ke Jie show MicroHand sina sports in October 10th Weijia arena, the fifteenth round of China and South Korea surrounding the focus of the war, kija against black South Korean foreign aid Cui Zhehan, the two sides last time the attack is very exciting, one Party rule alone kija subtly from white surrounded by the network through, and the white dragon anti kill. Cui Zhehan finally a tesujis counterattack, was uniform kija more subtle means…… Figure 1 Figure 1: kija zhihei VS Cui Zhehan. The game is to the point, Cui Zhehan should have entered the countdown, the two sides Lazi fast. In the face of the white side of the left, Ke Jie chose the most powerful way to break the empty. 7 out of combat to black, black white only killed all of a road. Figure 2 Figure 2: combat Cui Zhehan 1, 3 black hands the way blocked, seemingly kija dragon is very dangerous, but kija seems to have the answers, 4 black, 6 is the means of coherence. Figure 3 Figure 3: the connected, both sides of the hand are the basic command type, only a hand. The black dragon although only one eye, but…… Figure 4 Figure 4: White has several breakpoints, black left and right thorns from the slits found a trail "". Figure 5 Figure 5: the connected, local black 1 single bend failure method, white 2 jump clip, although black can with murderous left, but was not a rival. Figure 6 Figure 6: but there are 1 black on white tesujis, has its own defects, can not be Waduan black, even more frightening is that white itself has only one eye, and there is no way out. Figure 7 Figure 7 below: Cui Zhehan finally appeared to have some white chess, 1 red, 5 way wrench is used if the 6 bit tesujis, black broken eat, 7 white on a chess. Figure 8 figure 8: but the real kija has 1 black cool MicroHand made all the way, not just the white dragon chess, angry dead. Xiao Bian now most want to know is, kija is not from Figure 1 long run, has been considered to clear these changes behind it? The chess – kija zhihei won by resignation Cui Zhehan (travel)相关的主题文章: