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Kang Youwei made a fortune by overseas sea saint "testing" – Beijing "even suspected you hate very few, to control cloth, read to stop acts of friendship, which will break" with deception, is any bully chaos, that it can steal stick, complex number between"…… So flustered, it is hard to imagine from the mouth of Kang Youwei, and he was swearing, his disciple Tan Liang (Zhang Xiao). Tan Liang (1875 – 1931) is Guangdong Shunde people, born in an official family, is a disciple of Kang Youwei, Kang Youwei fled to the United States, a former Tan Losangeles area baohuanghui branch president, the trust of its very visible. However, in March 13, 1908 a letter to Liang Qichao, Kang Youwei wrote: "if the thief really dare to rely on famous Tan contend, will notice, and the port of. And in the mainland to copy its home, is there a person can succeed session of public funds and even." Kang Youwei before and after the attitude of why the gap so big? In fact, not all the money trouble. Liang Qichao – Sun Zhongshan after the failure of the reform, Kang Youwei in exile, July 20, 1899 in Canada Victoria (Modern Vitoria city) set up a "save the Qing emperor insurance company", namely the baohuanghui in the sea. A "in response to many scales extraction, and", the Qing government offered a reward of 100 thousand rushed to Kang Youwei’s head, Sun Zhongshan said the price "three times to me". Kang Youwei had the "business nation" thought, he advised the emperor said: "where the unification of the world, based on agricultural development." "And for the world, to establish a country." "Ancient destroy the country with soldiers…… The present state of the destruction of the business". Have expert recommended, but as to Kang Zhang Yinhuan said: "(Kang Youwei) repeatedly said mouguo self-improvement, but the situation did not cherish penetratinganalysis." The company focuses on the early overseas Chinese donations to everywhere, Qiu Shuyuan Nanyang rich alone donated 200 thousand, in addition to Liang Qichao in Hawaii in eighty thousand or ninety thousand. Liang Qichao will succeed, because he and Sun Zhongshan in Japan very close contacts, Liang said repeatedly to persuade Kang Youwei to retire to engage in learning the baohuanghui revolution. As a gesture of goodwill, Sun Zhongshan Liang Qichao went to Hawaii (Hawaii is the birthplace of xingzhonghui and is an important source of the donation of the former) wrote a letter to his brother let Liang sun Mei, so Liang Qichao in Hawaii received a warm welcome, even sun Mei joined the baohuanghui. However, Kang Youwei did not retire, baohuanghui nor to revolution, but Liang Qichao was Kang after the assault, turned against the revolution. Xingzhonghui thought of Liang Qichao: "it is very deceptive," than the straightforward royalist as Kang stalk (Kang Youwei) especially strange poison, beam chieftain (Liang Qichao) of the…… Yasunao frankly, very cunning beam". As a military preparations in 1900, Kang Youwei from the overseas Chinese donations have come up with about 100 thousand yuan to Tang Caichang, let him take advantage of the rise of the machine, back to Hunan armed uprising. Can not think of the Tang financial chaos, never reimbursement, gave a lot of money spent in Shanghai brothels and gambling den to go, "Kang Youwei once said angrily:" the first half report (account), deep horror. Open a barber shop, a shop when there is such an chapter.相关的主题文章: