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"Justice League" villain "to determine the DC diffuse addict actor starred in for a long time have not discovered a new message to" Justice League "giant has finally released new material. It is reported that the villain "Steppenwolf" actors have hammered out by · in the "game of Thrones" in the king beyond the wall of the · Reid Mansfield; Salem Sid played. In the comic book, Steppenwolf is the Dark Lord’s uncle said, firstar military commander. Steppenwolf for duck Syed conquered many world. Prior to the Justice League, the producer had revealed that the role of the wild wolf in the film will be completed by the whole process of motion capture technology, the actor does not reveal the true face. "Justice League" the story will take "super" bat ending, Batman in the influence on human survival confidence and selfless dedication of the superman, wonder woman accepted the new allies to help to fight against powerful enemy. Batman and wonder woman to find and recruit a super human alliance to resist the threat of new awakening. Although the team assembled a Batman, wonder woman, Neptune, and steel flash et al power, they can’t seem to stop the enemy attack on earth. The film will be released in North America on November 17, 2017. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: